Review Policy

Hello! Thank you for finding Death Books and Tea. Please note,  I live in the UK. Also- I am currently not accepting review requests OR promo spots. My backlog is ridiculous and it is unfair on both of us for me to take on any more. Sorry!

Death Books and Tea has been running since February 2011.

I read YA and adult books in all genres.
Things I particularly enjoy in books include fantasy, horror. debate provoking books, steampunk, LGBTQ characters, fairy tales and classics, and mythology.

I will not review erotica. 

I accept print books, PDFs and kindle files. 

E-copies will never be distributed. They get read, reviewed and deleted.

Physical books may be passed on for free, after relevant release dates, but will never be sold for profit. I do not make money off ANY part of my blogging.

All reviews are completely honest.

Reviews will be cross posted to Amazon and Goodreads some day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

If you’re still interested, please contact me at