Tuesday 22 February 2011

Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to our blog Death, Books and Tea.
This blog is a blog that will supply book reviews of books we read and want to share our opinions on.  We started it because we like sharing our opinions on books, and our book club tend to try and shout over us, because they are completely uninterested in our type of books.
Why? Most of the books that we read have hints of death in them. This is because we like horror and fantasy books. We also like reading stories about vampires, zombies, blood, adventure stories etc. We also like reading manga, of almost any genre. We like it even more if its both. And for some strange reason, we seem to be vaguely obsessed with the Victorian period.

And so a bit about us. There are two of us, and below are quick bios of each.
There is me, Nina, the one who will keep this site in shape. I like manga such as Death Note, Black Butler and Godchild, and I like books such as Darren Shan, The  Hunger Games, the parasol protectorate series and about half of the YA Paranormal romance out there today
There is Katy, who enjoys similar books to me but with out the romance stuff in it, and other things like Lucky Star, Bakuman, Strange Angels and the Los Angeles Beyond Birthday Murder Case novel.
There is Susie, who likes manga such as Vampire Knight, and books like the Wind Singer series and Frozen Fire by Tim Bowler.

 Please, you will have to excuse me and this random design whilst I continue organising icons, rating systems(cups of tea!) and other things. I'm still setting everything up! Until then, why not follow us so you're updated when we are ready, or just visit us again some day.

Thank you for stopping by and bothering to read this!

Nina xxx

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