Thursday 14 June 2012

Carnegie & Kate Greenaway 2012

So…A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness won the Carnegie Medal! But that's not it's only achievement...
For the first time ever, one author wins twice on the trot. And, also for the first time ever, the same book won the Kate Greenaway along with the Carnegie.

As you know, we’ve been shadowing the Carnegie for a few months. And seeing as we didn’t go to the awards ceremony, we had a party at lunchtime instead.

This being The Noisiest Book Club in the World, the first thing any of us cared about was the food on the table. So we got that out of the way, and then we looked at the emails. Nothing from Carnegie.
We then had a vote on what we thought what SHOULD win, and then on what WOULD win.
Between Shades of Grey came out top in terms of what we thought SHOULD win. I think this is because most of us loved it, it was really hard hitting, and generally beautiful.
My Name is Mina came out top in terms of what we thought WOULD win. Because we know the judges and how they like to pick the books we don’t like to win (Example-The Graveyard Book).

At 12:50, we hadn’t got an official email. So we started watching videos of the judges’ thoughts. Which then turned into a discussion about Sophie Dahl staring into cameras -this is relevant-watch the video and you’ll understand. Or maybe not- and creeping everyone out. And we watched a few more.
Then it was one o clock, we still hadn’t got an email, and so I looked on the internet. Found. “Congratulations to Patrick Ness, Jim Kay and Walker on this historic achievement”. First reaction: Who’s Jim Kay? Then we worked out that A Monster Calls won both awards.

Book club reactions: High pitched yay, “Between Shades of Grey should have won”, “good for him”, “twice in a row”, “I’m happy for him…” and “Who ate all the chocolate shortbread? That was mine and I only got one piece.” I’m not entirely sure that last thing was a reaction to A Monster Calls or just Becca complaining about the fact we ate all her biscuits (which she did bring in to share with us. She shouldn’t complain when we eat it).

After initial celebrations/confusion/biscuit-searching, we got the email. The librarian wants to  complain.
I personally couldn’t get into A Monster Calls. From a literary perspective, yes, from an enjoyment one, no. I can see why it won and I’m really glad that he won.
Congratulations for winning both awards AND twice in a row. 

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