Wednesday 31 December 2014

2014 in Review- The End of Year Book Survey

So, I wanted to do a roundup of this (rather quiet) year.  But I didn’t know how I’d put it together. And then I remembered that there was a giant survey from Jamie (The Perpetual Page Turner). Anyone can do it and I’m sure I should have started earlier as it’s 5 pages spaced and empty, but hey. Let’s try!

2014 Reading Stats
Number Of Books You Read: 110
Number of Re-Reads: 6 (Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Frankenstein,  The Huger Games, Mockingjay, and The Hobbit)
Genre You Read The Most From: I don’t know because I don’t keep track. I plan to work it out some day though, so watch this space.

Monday 29 December 2014

2015 Books I Am Highly Looking Forwards To

Hey. I have no excuses any more. I just haven’t updated the blog in a month because of the books I’ve been finishing, I haven’t felt  excited enough about a book to post about it. This should be changing soon though, if you don’t mind my attempts to review non fiction!
Despite this, I was lucky enough for Megan (The Book Addicted Girl) to name me in a list on the Guardian Teen Books site of some of the best book bloggers! Many other brilliant people were named, so go check it out and add to your blogroll!

Anyway, as a result of my year-and-a-bit half-blogging period, I’ve been quite out of the loop with upcoming releases. So I went on Goodreads to find 2015 releases and...there’s many many awesome ones! I was going to release this on New Years Day, but I was excited about finishing a decent post and so you get it right now. Here are some of the favourites for 2015 that I found in the last half hour.