Friday 3 January 2014

My Plans for 2014

Happy new year, everyone! I hope 2014 brings you much joy, from books, to writing, to personal life, to all the little things that make days good.

Anyway, here's a list of thing's I'd like to do over the coming year. I'm not going to call them resolutions, because that implies that I'm going to give up on them within three months. They're just things that I'd like to do, and will try to do, but not get upset if I can't do them.

  • Buy less books. I know-shocking. But as well as a need to save up for things, I also have a rather large to-read pile, not to mention I don't know how many on my kindle. I think I have enough books to get me through most, if not all, the year, and that's not counting the books I will inevitably cave in to in charity shops and get.
  • Write more-and finish what I start. I got a bit more into a routine with writing last year, and I'd really like to keep it up. Also, finishing what I start is something I am awful at, because when I lose interest in something, it gets forgotten, so it'd be good to actually finish something for once.
  • Write the reviews quicker after reading-and publish them on time. I'm getting better at writing the reviews on time. Publishing them though is a different matter...see below.
  • Handwrite things less. I love handwriting-mainly because I can do it in school, when I don't have my laptop and need to get something down, whether a story or a book review. But I end up with a whole load of words needing typing, which most of the time, I don't feel like doing. I have a draft of a 20,000 word thing entirely hand-done. At one point I had 26 reviews waiting to be changed into 1s and 0s that show as letters on a screen. Typing that was not fun (though I did get a lot of TV watched at the same time).
  • Comment more! Blog community more! I failed this last year completely. Hopefully this will not happen again.
  • Keep expanding reading tastes. Ah, I remember a few years ago when quite a lot of what I read was fantasy and horror. Since then, I've started reading a lot more things that I never thought I'd be in to, but are actually really really good. I'd like to read a few more classics this year, especially genre classics, and also a bit more foreign literature if I can.
  • Meet more bloggers. It's nice getting to know you online, but it's much more fun when I have faces to put to names, and knowing you more as person than someone behind a screen.
  • Keep blogging. This is my GCSE year, so I'll probably be quieter around April/May/June (at least theoretically...). I've also had a lot more other things going on in my life, and I've started enjoying lots more things, joining in a bit more with the local community, and all sorts of other things that eat up time-24 hours in the day just isn't enough!
Have a good year, everyone!


  1. I deliberately didn't make resolutions but I wish you good luck with yours :)

  2. Great plans! I actually don't buy that many books (only a few/month), but instead use the library (a LOT). Though I definitely read more ebooks these days than print ones. But I just <3 Kindle, and Kindle borrow.
    And I'm trying to write a review right after finishing the book, but it doesn't always happen.
    "Comment more! " *nods* It's one of my goals, too. :)

  3. I hope I get to meet you this year, Nina! *fingers crossed* That would be so awesome! I'm sure it's likely.
    I'm also hoping to write more this year - I'm planning for a novel at the moment.
    I also probably need to buy less books... I'm going to try and get my TBR pile down to a reasonable amount if I can.

    Good luck with your goals!


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