Sunday 27 February 2011

Parajunkee's Vampire Challenge Possible List

The Parajunkee Review Challenge is to read and review 20 books featuring vampires. I have a few books in mind for this, and here are my choices. There are also a few open spots because I'm sure theres other vampire fiction out there.
1. Invincible, by Sherrilyn kenyon. I absolutely love Nick, and his backstory is so interesting. Its the second part of the series, that started with Infinity.
2. The Radleys, by Matt Haig. I read it earlier this year, and all I need to do now is reveiw it.
3.Glass houses, Morganville Vampires, Rachel Caine. Been meaning to read this for ages, but never got round to it.
4. Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey. After reading Jekel Loves Hyde, which was vaguely interesting, I want to read Fantaskey's debut novel.
5.Vampire Knight 11 by Matsuri Hino. This would be the latest one in the series, and the review will contain a lot of spoilers. I need to get the library to buy it now!
6. Trinity Blood. Cos its an interesting with a LOT of hype.
7.The Highgate Vampire by Asa Bailey. Apparently its based on a real legend. Looks fun
8. Rosario and Vampire vol 1.
As you can see, there are a lot of empty spaces. Any ideas for vampire young adult fiction, romance an optional extra? Comment below on books to fill up my list, and your opinions on the books I'm going to read!

Nina xxx

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