Monday 7 November 2011

The Carnegie Longlist

It doesn't seem like that long since Ness won with Monsters of Men, does it? But anyway, they've released the new long list. View it here.  And here's my thoughts...

  • I hated Skellig. So I don't want My Name is Mina to win.
  • Boys Don't Cry, I enjoyed but I don't think it's a winner. Same for Matched. 
  • There Is No Dog and Revolution I really liked, and I think they'll make the shortlist.
  • Ness is on there for the fourth time in the row! And A Monster Calls was thought up by Siobhan Dowd. Two past winners! I think it'll do well.
  • I'm currently reading Between Shades of Grey and I think it's amazing. Hopefully it'll make the shortlist.
  • Heard of and want to read Flip, Artichoke Hearts, Annexed, The Devil Walks, Moon Pie, A Monster Calls, My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece, Dead of Winter, Across the Universe and The Emerald Atlas. 
  • The rest you can assume I'm not that interested in or haven't heard of before seeing this list.

What do you guys think? Our book club, once again, will be shadowing....Good luck to all the authors on the list! Please share your comments below...

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