Friday 13 July 2012

Lauren Kate Q+A

So, last Friday, my school had Lauren Kate in on her tour for the last book in the Fallen Series, Rapture. She did a talk on her writing and publishing process, then took questions and did a signing. And after, she did another questioning session with my book club, the answers (or at least vague outlines of them-I couldn’t get everything down word for word) of which are below,

We started by watching the book trailer for Rapture, which you can find here. Then Lauren did a reading from the beginning of Rapture then went on in her talk. She told us about how her school teacher Miss Calloway encouraged her to keep writing on and on and on. Then we heard about the publication process-how many rejection letters she got-I think it was 76. The idea for Fallen came while Lauren was reading the Bible as literature-definitely an interesting concept. We then got news on the film-film rights have been bought and casting should start soon. Now, onwards to our Q&A...

BC = Book Club.  LK=Lauren Kate
BC: How do you name your characters?
LK: It depends on the character. Lucinda means light, which shows the journey she goes on, from dark to light, and Daniel is a name from the bible.

BC: What are you working on after Fallen?
LK: Another love story, in a different world.

BC: What authors inspire you?
LK: Roald Dahl, **Julie Blume**, Suzanne Collins and Philip Pullman.

BC: Have you always wanted to be an author?
LK: I was inspired by a teacher to keep writing.

BC: Handwrite or type?
LK: Type.

BC: What did your husband think of you basing your devil character on him?
LK: He loved it.

BC: Zombies or unicorns?
LK: I’ve always loved unicorns

BC: Favourite genre to read?
LK: It varies. Good books.

BC: Favourite genre to write?
LK: Romance, and any subgenres of that.

BC: What school subjects did you like?
LK: English and French. All bar history really. I was bad at art too.

BC: Kindles or real books?
LK: Real books.

BC: Do you like manga?
LK: I like Scott Pilgrim, though I’m not sure if that’s manga.

BC: What do you think of Twilight?
LK: There are other books that are my favourite.

BC: Do you like Harry Potter?
LK: I like it.
BC: Who’s your favourite character?
LK: Ron. Fred’s good too.
BC: What house would you be in?
LK: Ravenclaw.
BC: Is Hermione x Fred sacrilege?
LK: Yes!

BC: Finally, have you got any book recommendations?
LK: The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her own Making.

I’d like to thank Lauren, her publicist and her editor for the tour and the random Q+A session.  


  1. Great post! I've yet to read the Fallen series but I own the first 3 books!! haha. Yep, I do this! :D

  2. great post! I love Lauren Kates stuff and I was so lucky to get to meet her last week too! :D

    Also, I just finished The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland… omg! Its amazing!!


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