Thursday 18 October 2012

Blogger interview with those lovely people from Diary of a Teenager

Today, an interview with the four girls at Diary of a Teenager. They've got a giveaway open, so go! 

Guest post for ‘Death, Books & Tea’ - Halloween Fact File on the bloggers of ‘Diary of a Teenager’ (Yes, we know it’s generic)

Why do you read scary things?
Issy - Grim fascination. Want to see if it's actually scary (it's often not).
Abi - I love being creeped out.
Lily - Being scared is fun, and they are often quite unpredictable.
Georgie - I love a good scare, but I’m too much of a wimp to watch horror films.
What flavour of scary do you like reading about-paranormal creatures, serial killers, chill up your spine hauntings, or something different?
I - You can't have a flavour of scary.
A - Serial Killers make things entertaining; ghosts and clowns because they freak me out!
L - Ghosts and the paranormal.
G - Ghosts and serial killer related scary because they’re both set in the real world and are more realistic than paranormal (and therefore scarier).
Out of everything in the world, what do you find scary?
I - Bad fanfiction and gore.
A - Clowns, dolls, asylums, creepy ghost children.
L - Clowns, ghosts and my sister!
G - Being home along at night in the winter (when it gets really dark) - whenever that happens I have to lock all the doors, close all the curtains and turn all the lights on. Oh, and all the generic scary stuff (above :D).
If you could insert yourself into any horror novel, which would it be, who would you be, and why?
I - I play more horror games than books.
A - Hmmm, I don't think going into a horror situation is a smart idea. I don't fancy dying.
L - I would rather stay at home in front of the telly, to be honest!
G - As horror can get insanely creepy, I’d rather not be sucked into any of them - I prefer to be the onlooker who knows what’s going on (although the best horror catches you by surprise).
Classic (pre-1970s) or modern horror-which do you prefer and why?
I - Modern horror - tends to be more graphic and relevant.
A - Modern I guess, because I haven't really read any classic horror but when we did Gothic Horror in English I wasn't overly impressed.
L - Classic, because they're more original with better ideas.
G - Because I haven’t read much classic horror (I know, how dare I!) I’d have to say modern horror, and also because modern horror is a lot more realistic.
What's the scariest thing you've read to this day?
I - 'My Immortal' - fanfiction.
A - Coraline!
L - Twilight!
G - It’s a draw between a few: Torn by Cat Clarke (teenage murders), Unrest by Michelle Harrison (ghosts and un-willing possession) and the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin (memory loss and hallucinations). They’re not classic scary, but as I previously mentioned, the best horror is realistic.
What books scared you most as a child?
I - Not a book, but the lion from Teletubbies.
A - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
L - I didn't read scary books (Editor's note - “wimp!”).
G -  I didn’t read much horror as a kid, but I did read Harry Potter (a lot), so I’ll say that. J
What do you do to celebrate Halloween?
I - Dress up like a lunatic, cover house in fake cobwebs, carve pumpkins and throw eggs at kids give out sweets.
A - Go 'trick or treating' with friends and then go to a party.
L - Trick or treating with my nanny... Or nothing.
G - We sometimes go to our local National Trust property which they decorate, and all the staff dress up (ranging from a corpse bridal party and the child catcher). It can get really creepy in the dark!
Any fun Halloween stories you have to tell us?
I - Mum asked if a trick or treater's hair was real. Was a wig.
A - We dressed my little sister up as a cute little pumpkin one year.
L - Playing tricks on the trick or treaters - offering them cooked spaghetti instead of sweets, etc. [One of them] started shouting at us!
G - To be honest, nothing out of the ordinary happens on Halloween - although once when we were at the NT property, one of the staff [dressed as a vampire] tried to scare my little sister and she went “Expelliarmus!”… Hilarious ;)
Any other spooky books you want to share?
I - *thinks thoughtfully for a while and then shakes head*
A - There’s a lot I want to read but haven’t gotten round to yet ;)
L - Women in Black!
G - Apart from the ones I mentioned earlier (which are a must read!) there’s a really good short story collection from Neil Gaiman of ‘The Graveyard Book’ called M is for Magic which has  some really entertaining, creepy stories in it.

And now, Issy’s interpretation of Halloween:

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Diary of a Teenager Team (xxGEORGIExx, xDarkDream, ~Abi~ and LilyCaitlin) xxx


  1. I found this interview rather funny, Twilight being scary? :L

    Love the Diary of a Teenagers blog and I came across your blog from Georgie on Twitter:)

  2. What a really interesting interview, with such an array of different opinions on books and all things scary. I very much enjoyed it although i do have to agree with Becky Louise Williams, in that i was a bit suprised to find that Twilight was concidered scary!


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