Thursday 8 November 2012

Lots of little stuff, including TMBH Giveaway Winners!

Just a quick update as to stuff.

I was at Expo and I got a pretty book :) It was a signed copy of How to Bag a Jabbawock by Jack Union-it's a nonfiction fiction guide book to monster hunting. 
I also went to the Notting Hill Book Exchange and gave in quite a few books. At some point, I may do a rant about usage of proof copies because I found a Headline Proof in there that clearly says not for resale. But anyway.  I have various swap lists around Goodreads and Facebook. These are now invalid.
I also came back with quite a few books, including Crypt by Andy Hammond (I think), The Wasp Factory, Alice in the Country of Clover-Cheshire Cat volume 2, and Zombieloan volume 2.
I have too much tech coursework! Dear teachers of the world,  when your entire class falling behind, you do NOT set them an extra page of stuff!
I'm falling behind at Nano (6000 words. I intend to catch up at weekends) and I can't think of any reasons why, having been reasonably comfortable and settled in at this new institute, my main characters would go out and get a move on and go and see about this prophecy thing. Well, I know about the function behind it. I just can't find a good trigger for going off. Anyone have ideas?

So....Giveaway winners!
 GEARTEETH-Two copies, international. Winners: Anne and Matt (Mattlibrarian).
HENRY FRANKS- Miss Lucinda and Becky.
UK Giveaways: Miss Lucinda, Hikma and Grell.
International giveaway: Zara

 Timothy is dealing with the Gearteeth winners. I'll order Zara's prize once I can put some money into my account that lets me do stuff over the interwebs. I'll send out Lucinda's, Grell's and Becky's prizes out on Saturday and Hikma's either then or once I get a response, whichever comes sooner.

Don't forget, there's  still a giveaway of Hollow  Pike going on!
So how are you all? Nanoing? Reading? Doing other stuff?



  1. Thanks!! Glad to know I was lucky enough to win! Congrats to everyone!

  2. Just to say I've received my prize pack! Thanks for all the amazing swag!


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