Monday 18 February 2013

New design!!

I was bored one day and decided to play around in photoshop. Then I got something that I actually liked, and thought it would work on here.

So. Goodbye, pink tiles. Hello...this.

For posterity, this is what I've had for the majority of this blog's existance.

Now, it's something a bit cleaner, which hopefully takes a bit less time to load. 

I haven't got rid of the skull, book and teapot. They're still here. If you can't see them, you might want to zoom out. 

Thank you to everyone on the interwebs who put up with me complaining about how I can't choose colour schemes to save my life, and chose them for me.

I still need to sort out a tagline. I think if someone can finish off "Life's too short to...." in a suitable way, I'll run with that.  And give you £5 to spend at an online book store. 

I hope you like the new design! I still have a few things to sort out, but it's half term now so all's good! 

Please share your thoughts/comments/problems with this design, and have a great week, everyone!

PS-It's the blogoversary on Saturday. I have things planned... :D


  1. Lovely layout!! I do love the color scheme chosen :)
    Uhmmm.. I've seen this saying going around a lot: 'Life's too short to re-read a book.' or maybe you could go with 'Life's too short to not read a book next to some tea' since, well.. you have the skull and everything.
    I DON'T KNOOOW, I suck at this stuff :))))

    By the way, happy early blogoversary! ^^

    Read Into Hiding

  2. Lovely, I love the little skulls!!!

  3. How about Life's too short to drink tea with Death...'
    Loving the new design!

  4. love the new design Nina, sorry I havent been on for a while to marvel at it! x


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