Saturday 25 May 2013

Rainbow Reads Sign Up

Hi people. I've talked some time about doing this, and now exams are over, I can finally properly start.

Anyway, what I'd like to run is an event looking at all forms of gender and sexuality in YA literature. Edit: actually, any literature. As long as it's readable by teens, ie no content marked 18+. The easiest thing to tag this as is LGBT, but I find that that doesn't really cover it all. Lots of other people find this too, and  this leads to all kinds of abbreviations such as LGBTQ and LGBTQIA and QUILTBAG and I don't even know. So let's just say that Rainbow Reads will cover all forms of gender and sexuality outside of "gender equals sex person is born with =" and "attracted soley to the opposite sex".

I plan to start it on 19 August and keep it running for as long as it needs to be.

I have some reviews and posts thought out. But I planned this as a "hey everyone, get involved!" thing. So yes. Call for posts.  Talk about any part of the spectrum would be appreciated, especially related to non-gender binary/asexuality (topics that tend to get overlooked).  But anything, reviews, guest post, interviews, giveaways, would be appreciated. If you want to be involved, fill out the form below. If you want to, spread the word and there's a badge here.

Edit: if you don't want to write a post, but do want to participate, please fill out this form to contribute to discussions! 

Signups will be open until the 5 August. Organising will be an ongoing thing.


  1. So the event revolves around not conforming to the typically accepted gender roles and or identity that they are born with? I guess I'd want more specifics so I can see if I have any books that fit the bill

    1. It revolves around all aspects of the LGBT community-gender, identity and sexuality included.


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