Sunday 2 June 2013

News-what's happened over various amounts of time

So, today, I'm going to do a news thing cross wrap up of the week cross wrap up of the month cross wrap up of the year.

Because it occurred to me yesterday  that we are nearly halfway through the year and I have done nothing productive. Well I have, such as finish up on some subjects and start writing a novel and have millions of ideas for other ones and slightly improve on some things and such...but actually, I have done nothing really properly productive. And it's likely to stay that way XD

Oh well.

The past week, I'm sorry I haven't been able to interact as much as I'd have liked to. I will make up for it in the coming weeks (late I know. But life gets in the way).
So, in the last week, I've made some friends! I've talked to new people and had lots of wonderful people come here.
I've also managed to write more discussion posts in a week than in as many months. It's amazing what motivation can do.

The past month, I've had off blogging, kind of. I've been doing a lot of revision, but also a lot of reading because it's just nice to have a break from blogging and feeling like you have to do things. I have a lot of posts coming up! But they're on paper. I still need to type them. They will come.

NEWS! MATT SMITH IS LEAVING WHO AT CHRISTMAS. I'm taking this news with a bit of sadness and a lot of excitement to see who Twelve is. My ability to name actors off the top of my head is severely limited, but I want a female Doctor badly. But I don't want Moffat writing a female Doctor because reasons, which have been beautifully summed up in this powerpoint. 

And in news around the book'verse..

Noble Conflict by Malorie Blackman has been given a trailer. I plan to read it at some point and I'm fairly sure it will be awesome. Because Malorie Blackman.Trailer can be seen here.

Sister Spooky's Geek Week starts tomorrow! Last years was epic. This year's looks even more so. Go check her out.

Amber's doing a debutathon from 27-30th June. I won't be taking part, because I'm terrible at these a-thons (I always find something else cool to do) but you can sign up here.

Lucy will be having a UKYA week from 17-23rd June. She's not got anything properly planned and written up, but it'll come soon.

I have signups open for Rainbow Reads in August.  More info and signupsheet can be found here. 

. I'm in a bit of a Les Mis obsession mode at the moment.  So here.

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  1. I wanna female doctor too! Either that of Benedict Cumberbatch.
    DID YOU MAKE THAT RE-ENACTMENT?! Because it is amazing.

  2. ^^ it sometimes great to take some time for ourself and i enjoyed your message ( to which i answered)i'm not following Doctor Who for quite sometimes now... but it was with a precedent actor ( i hate when actor changes^^)
    i wish you a lot of courage becaus ein my case writing on paper can be easy and i can write page and pages... by typing them takes forever^^;;( it wa smy problem when i was writing fanfiction^^)


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