Wednesday 11 September 2013

Stephen King Readathon October 2013 Sign Up Sheet

Quick break from Rainbow Reads for something I've suggested for a couple of weeks.

 Stephen King readathon! 

I want to do this because I'm loving watching Under the Dome, I enjoyed some of his stuff a couple of years ago, and I feel I should read some more of his stuff. What better time than Halloween (ish), eh?

Anyway, if anyone else wants to take part, please do.

  • It would happen from Monday 14 till Sunday 20th October.  
  • There will be no prizes for participating, except hopefully having read and enjoyed books from a prolific horror/suspense author.
  • I will be doing this regardless of whether or not anyone else joins me. 
  • All my reviews will be posted in the days leading up to Halloween.
  • Any participants should totally follow for follow and keep in touch and things. 
  • Spreading the word would be awesome. 

I hope you enjoy, if you choose to join me.

Signups below.


Thanks for taking time to read this!
Comments are much loved.
Nina xxx

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