Saturday, 9 November 2013

Things changing!

I've had an awful reading slump for the last two weeks or so.

Thanks to Liz  , I have chosen the 42nd thing on my to read shelf, which is Ken Follett's Fall of Giants and I'll be reading that soon. I'll also try Shadowplay pretty soon.

Things changing! Yes. I'm still going to be here and around the interwebs and such. But I'm going to be introducing two new things...

Firstly, a semi-regular feature called Time for Tea-tre! I go to the theatre sometimes and I went recently and have something I'd love to share my joy for and I was thinking of doing a review for any theatre/drama/musical I go to. Thanks to Georgia for the name, kind of :)

Also, I'll be doing audio reviews. To sit and spiel into a microphone for ten minutes is a lot easier than writing a review and typing it and such, and I'm quite time strapped at the moment, so I can still blog but it'll be easier for me.

UKYA book blogger secret santa signups now open, if anyone else wants to join in :)

50th Anniversary now has a new trailer! It looks's hoping Moffat's sexism/bigotry doesn't ruin it.
Awesome of the week via capitol-refugee

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  1. I would love to hear your thought on the shows you see...and I love the feature name. An audio review as opposed to a vlog? I'm curious to see or hear rather how you do it.


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