Sunday 29 December 2013

Christmas-time Roundup

Did everyone have good time this week, if they celebrated a holiday? I certainly did. Christmas was mainly food filled, because my family will, if given an excuse (like Christmas) start eating at 11am and not stop for twelve hours.

I got so many books. Actually, it's not as bad as some weeks, but it seems like a lot. I took down my tree today and sorted it into piles of what I got for review and what I got for other things and it looks like I now have reading material sorted for the rest of the year but anyway.

From my UKYABB Secret Santa, who is the fantastic Kerrie from Read and Repeat, I got
--Soulless vol 3 - My collection is complete! This manga is good.
--The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - heard lots of things about it, all good, knew I needed to get it some day, and now I do :)
--The Fifth Wave - ages ago, I read another Yancy book, and really didn't like it. But now I have it, and I'll try it out some day.
--Steampunk Softies- it's a little howto craft thing of how to make all these steampunk figures and they're all so adorable and I'll try one of those when I have more time XD
--Shortcake! Food is always good.
Thank you, Kerrie, for being so generous, and thank you Lynsey for organising the UKYABB Secret Santa!

Also I got over the past week...
--The Princess Bride- gifted-loved the film, need to read the book sometime soon.
--Enders -review- Starters was so good and have been waiting AGES for this to be available in English. And now it is! :)
-- The Queen of Dreams -review- Gorgeous cover. Looks really good.
--Junk Miles and Slow Twitch-  review-  got to be honest here, I'm not going to read these. Anybody want some Brenna Blixen novels? New Adult Romance lovers, anyone?
--The Falconer - review-  Megan told me it's going to be good. I trust her.

I hope everyone else had a good time that was filled with fun and books!

Other things that happened this Christmas.... URGH DOCTOR WHO WHY? I am so upset at the way it's been going for the past few seasons because there's some wonderful actors in it but the writing doesn't support them. Whoever thought that the whole "nudity" thing would be appropriate, or, once again, non-consensual kissing, should be replaced.  Quite a bit of that episode made me uncomfortable.

However, there were some good bits. Matt's goodbye. And  Twelve's entrance. Which has led to one of my favourite things of the night, courtesy of 404-sanitynotfound.  Image not mine and will be removed on request.
Last roundup post of the year is over now! I hope you guys don't mind all my rambling. There'll be more of it in the coming year. 


  1. I wasn't happy about the Doctor Who Xmas special, it seemed like a random rumble of rushed stuff! Half of it done in a quite stupid way... and that regeneration scene? First he explodes without changing and then when he changes you might have missed it if you just blinked!

    Glad to hear you had a great Christmas and many bookish goodies!

  2. Nice picture! Twelve's glare does seem to be super effective. That together with Eleven's goodbye words were the best parts of the episode.


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