Sunday 11 December 2016

The Last Eight Weeks

Technically this is about the last ten weeks, since the last decent post about this was before  Fresher's week and we're also one week into the holiday, but uni term length has already got me seeing life in eight week blocks. My first time at university has been a hectic couple of months, but something I want to share.

University life

It's brilliant. The texts we're doing (read about them here)  have all gotten better with studying, and all my tutors this term have been helpful.  There's been a lot of socials and chances to meet some lovely people. My college full of people who are extremely friendly, and we have some beautiful surroundings- just look at my library!


Oxford has a lot happening on stage,, way more than I could ever fit in! But the shows that I've been to see (The Nether, the Queer Cabaret, Much Ado About Nothing, Jealous of Herself, The Last Five Years, Trojan Women) have all been high quality, that I liked for different reasons. Also, I'm writing for the Cherwell from time to time- it's exciting to be writing for more of a community (I still love this little blog though!)


I took eight books up for fun with me thinking I could do one a week. Hahaha. I got about halfway through The Republic of Thieves, and a little way in to Frangine. The thing is, when most of your time is spent reading, the last thing for relaxing is more reading, especially when there's shows to go see and people to be around and  the chance to not be solitary for once. So not much reading for the blog happened.   Now it's the holidays, there is much more time for reading. So this will  stay a book blog. Just not a busy one (though it hasn't been such for a long time).


You may have noticed from my twitter that I really enjoy swing dance, and I knew when I went to uni I wanted to carry that on and maybe take up another style. Well, I trialled for the dancesport team which would do ballroom and latin, but I didn't get in. I also trialled for the rock and roll team, and I did get in! It's more energetic than I thought it'd be, and different in style, but there's also the chance to do acrobatics, which are a lot of fun, and competitions, which will happen in February.  Me on an official sports team... never thought that would happen!

YA Salon - 7th December

I had a day in London last week, where I got to catch up with a lot of friends- two hadn't seen since starting university, and then, later in the evening, many bloggers and authors I hadn't seen in some time. It was my first time at a YA Salon, and at this one, the focus was the book I'll Be Home For Christmas, an anthology where £1 of each sale goes to Crisis. It was a fun evening, with a fiendish Christmas in literature quiz, and the trial of  book blind dating, where a panel of authors answer questions, the person asking chooses one of them, and that author  gets to tell us about their story). The addition of mince pies and mulled wine made the night even better.

What next?

Well, now it's the Christmas holidays. I have catching up to do with my school friends, a trip to Devon with my dad's side of the family, a Christmas day with my mum's side, a lot of reading for both Latin and French before next term starts, and also need time to myself.  But I'm still enjoying the little blogging I'm able to do, so I'll try and keep that up. If you particularly want to see my life and books and happenings, you'll find me on Twitter or Instagram though. Until then, enjoy the holidays, let's hope for a new year bringing good news for a change, and goodbye for now.  

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