Monday 30 January 2012

Weekly round-up #3

It’s been a rather slow week in terms of...everything. Aside from homework. Got quite a lot of that. The next week might be kind of slow in terms of reviews and things getting posted. But I’ll try.

So, here’s what I got...
Starters by Lissa Price via Netgalley
Blood Red Road by Moira Young from library
0.4 by Mike Lancaster from library

And I don’t think much has really been going on in the blogging world either... but Strange Chemistry are holding an Open Door month, with more details to be found here... Larissa from The Howling Turtle is holding a Hunger Games read-along, which looks like fun...and because Amazon's terms are too restrictive, Goodreads needs your help rescuing their books. If not enough data is provided from sites other than Amazon, the books' data will be deleted. For many books, this is fine. But if you tend to read obscure books, books published first in other countries, or by small name publishers, then go take a look, because there might be a few books they miss.

By the way, if there's anything you want me to feature on this weekly news thing, such as giveaways, or things like that, then please say. Comment or email us, and we'll put something up.
Have a good week.

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