Saturday 7 July 2012

The Month Before Halloween SIGN UP

T'will be the month before Halloween and up in my room
I'll hunt out my witch's hat, sickle and broom.
And after my costume has had a good look,
On to the more important things-books!
With horror and thriller and paranormal
There's a world there much more interesting than just work and school.
Vampires, and werewolves and wizards-oh my!
Piles of these books must go up to the sky!
So during October don't leave me alone.
Come join me in celebrating these scary tomes.
Authors, bloggers, and publishers unite
For a month of things related to bumps in the night
Or shifters or banshees or devils and stuff
This list could go on-I think that's enough!
Creeping through the bookshelves will be such fun
And we can have huge sets of giveaways after we've done!
It could be a YA spooktacular, so let's give it a shot.
Tis The Month Before Halloween-are you up for it or not?

So...I know it's a little early. But people get ready for Christmas months beforehand...why should Halloween be any different?

What I'm proposing is a month long event full of...stuff. Guest reviews, posts, interviews with people (bloggers, authors and publishers) on what, if any, scary books they like. A month full of this stuff here.  As long as it's scary to some degree, it's welcome.
Oh, and then a giveaway. Lots of them.  On all your blogs. For the last week on October, everyone who's taken part (and wants to) will host a giveaway for anything of your choice-obviously related to spooky books.

Anyone here want to join? If so, fill out THIS FORM HERE . Any spreading of the word would also be much appreciated.

The landscape badge

The portrait badge

To sign up for the giveaway hop, please sign up below.

Click here to get the code if you want to share this linky

And here's our schedule... (move forwards to October 2012)

Looking forwards to it...


  1. Sounds like a very fun and spooky event! Will be looking forward to reading all the spook-tacular posts you have lined up!

  2. I'm looking forward to see what everybody comes up with. I love Halloween ^^

  3. Um no. For ghoulish gals like us, it's never too early for Halloween. I'm already planning my "Halloween Hootenanny" for October. I'll also have a linky to other people's blogs Halloween events.

  4. I've been wondering what to do for Halloween...
    It's not really celebrated where I live (just lots of stuff in the shops), so this would be a nice little way to do something anyway.

    Can you give me a bit more info on how this works, as
    I've only recently plunged into the madness that's blogging :)

    1. Aww, poor you.

      Essentially, you'd all sign up saying what you want to do-interview, guest post, review etc. After we've sorted out what you're doing, you'd write a post and send it to me. I'll put it up on the specified date, with lots of links to your blog around the internet.

      And yay for madness of blogging!

    2. Aww, thanks :)
      I'm really looking forward to participating, this will be fun!

      Can't wait to see what other people come up with either...

  5. Fun! Found out about this on Horror Shock Lolipop - is it YA only?
    Some Dark Romantic

    1. I'm going for a no p4wn policy. If it's adult in the sense that there's a tonne of gory stuff, then it'll be ok.


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