Sunday 27 March 2011

On my Wishlist (2)

On My Wishlist is a fun weekly event hosted by Book Chick City where I list all the books I desperately want but haven't actually bought yet. They can be old, new or forthcoming. 
 1. Department 19 by Will Hill. Looks like a great vampire story- without any romance. Something rare indeed.   Blurb: A secret supernatural battle that's been raging for over a century, the stakes have just been raised – and they're not wooden anymore. When Jamie Carpenter's mother is kidnapped by strange creatures, he finds himself dragged into Department 19, the government's most secret agency. Fortunately for Jamie, Department 19 can provide the tools he needs to find his mother, and to kill the vampires who want him dead. But unfortunately for everyone, something much older is stirring, something even Department 19 can't stand up against…

2. The first book in the The Finishing School Series by Gail Carriger. Yes, its not out until 2012, but I can't wait.

3. Bittersweet by Marcia Colette. Looks like something different. But apparantly, its only an e-book. Hopefully it'll come out in print.
Blurb:Phaedra Thorne's goals in life are simple. Make it to eighteen so she can legally adopt her sister and hope she never becomes like her deranged mother who secretly lives in the attic. They're not the normal hopes and dreams of a kid her age, but then again, Phaedra is anything but typical. Schizophrenia and psychokinesis go hand in hand in her genes. With things always upending or blowing up around her, she’s already halfway there and horrified one of these days she'll be the next to go insane.

4. Grand Guignol Orchestra, Vol. 1 by Yuki Kaori. I loved Godchild, and this looks similar: victorian, horror, creepy doll thingys. Ie, all what I love reading!
Blurb:Lucille and his orchestra encounter a town overrun with the worst kind of audience: the Living Dead! Well, not really. They’re people who have been turned into doll-like zombies. And they are definitely not a crowd to take lightly. Can a group of roving musicians use their skills to calm the beasts? Or is this curtains for the Royal Orchestra?!

And so concludes my wishlist. Anyone got anything I should be reading?


  1. Department 19 has such an amazing cover. I'm not much of a vampire fanatic but I'll have to take a look at it. Kaori Yuki is one of my favourite mangakas! I can't wait to read Grand Guignol Orchestra. Fairy Cube, God Child, and Boys Next Door were such amazing series, I don't even doubt that this one will be just as amazing. Although, I'm not too keen on the whole zombies thing but it's worth a shot!

  2. Oo very cool picks! I definitely want to read Department 19 soon.


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