Friday 25 March 2011

Book Hop #3

Book Blogger HopBook Hop!
Its that time again when we hop round eachother's blogs and follow.
If you got here by being a follower already, thanks for coming back.
If you got here via Crazy for Books, thanks for coming here!
I'd better introduce us...I'm Nina, and Katy is around here...somewhere. She's really busy, so I update more.  We read manga, horror, fantasy, dystopian and paranormal romance. Enjoy your stay!

"If you could physically put yourself into a book or series…which one would it be and why?"

Hmmm...hard one. I'd go for the Dark Hunter world created by Sherrilyn Kenyon because I like the fact some of the places featured in it are real, and also who doesn't like the idea of having a set of guys running about slaying vampires each night?
Another world I'd like to live in is the Black Butler world: its a crossover of demons and supernatural stuff, and Victorian England. I want a talented butler pouring me tea! And I think that Black Butler has the best mythology/background to demons and death gods I've seen so far.

That's my answer this week. What's yours?
Leave a comment and I'll stop by you.


  1. Hi,

    Found you through the Hop and now following, too! I haven't heard of the Dark Hunter before but it sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    Take care & happy reading,
    Ms. C

  2. Hi! Hopping by! I'm a new follower! Looks like we review the same genres. I'm looking forward to reading some of your reviews!

    If you want, drop by my blog and see what series I would love to be in..

    Here's my post.

  3. I love this series! What a great choice! I would love for you to stop by and check out my choice!

  4. Coming through on the Hop, and I really need to check out the Black Butler series. :) It's been tempting me at the bookstore, but I've got several other manga series to finish. Happy hopping and reading!


  5. Hi guys, new follower coming from the Crazy for Books blog hop, and wanted to say great pick with the Dark Hunter series! I've read a few of them and I thin kit's a good choice :-) Nice blog, as well, and great design! :-)


  6. Hem. I haven't read Black Butler yet. Ah, it's been on my to read list for so long. I'll have to go read it sometime soon, haha.

    Nana is a great manga! I read all 21 volumes in two days. It's worth the read.

    Thanks for the follow, I followed you back. :]

  7. Hi! I still haven't read that series. I know, what am I waiting for? I must take it off my TBR list and actually read it:-) I love your answers and your blog is cool. I'm your newest follower! Check out my answers: Paromantasy

  8. I really need to check out the Dark Hunter series! Sounds interesting! Great pick! Here's my Hop!

  9. Hi! I just wanted to say that I finally figured out how to put an actual follower button instead of a subscribe plugin. I hope you'll actually "follow" me, haha. :]

    Happy reading once again!

  10. I don't know the Dark Butler series but good choice with the Dark Hunter series! I'd love to be dropped down in that world anytime, as long as one of the dark hunters are available!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be doing a review of She Smells the Dead. If you haven't read it that's a great paranoral romance. It's YA, but the main character is a goth girl names Yuki!



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