Sunday 29 May 2011

Book review: Rave Master 2 by Hiro Mashima

Title: Rave Master 2

Author: Hiro Mashima

Length: 192 pages

Published: April 2003 (in the USA)

Publisher: TOKYOPOP

Summary from goodreads: The Continent of Song is in chaos. The sinister secret society known as Demon Card is using the power of Da

rk Bring to destroy everything in their path. The only things capable of stopping Dark Bring are the Rave stones. Unfortunately, the Rave Stones were scattered around the globe in an explosion 50 years ago, so now they must be collected by the Rave Master in order to stop Dark Bring once and for all.

Review: I haven’t read “Rave Master 1” and therefore was pleasantly surprised that I could easily guess what was going on. Hiro Mashima’s art gives the book a light and cheerful atmosphere which is suitable for the beginning of an action/adventure story like “Rave Master”. But as a result, the intense scene weren’t so… intense. The plot line was okay for a second volume; the main focus was on humour rather than action, but that’s okay because if there was lots of action, we’d all get bored within the first volume. I’m sure that the n

ext volume will be more exciting. The characters have been well thought out and I love “Plue” the dog/cat/bug with the awesome nose… horn… thing.

Rating: 4 PSHAH!

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