Friday 6 May 2011

Book Hop #7

Welcome to Death Books and Tea!
Book Blogger HopHere we like reading manga, horror, paranormal romance and things along that line. We also like dystopian and historical books if they're very well written.
Feel free to follow us, but even if you don't, please stay and look around, and we'll share tea and cake!

This weeks question...
"Which book blogger would you most like to meet in real life?"
Well I would say Stephanie at Books are a Girl's Best Friend, but I'm not entirely sure if that counts as I see her anyway...those I would like to meet that I don't already are Vickie at ComaCalm's corner, and Cait at the Cait Files. And I know these two aren't book bloggers exactly, but Emily and Miley at Random things about Me and Grell at Blog of DEATH! and Ronald at Pwning Grell-senpai's Blog seem like fun people I want to meet one day.

Thats my answer. What's yours? Leave a link and I'll get round to day...


  1. Im a old follower on the hop

  2. I listed bloggers I already know too. :) I get to have lunch with a small group of book bloggers on a semi-regular basis. If you're in the SF Bay Area, maybe we've met! Happy blog hop.

  3. Fun choices. I follow ComaCalm's Corner & The Cait Files, too. Such fun blogs. :)
    Happy Friday!
    kathy from Read This Instead


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