Sunday, 1 January 2012

Things to do in 2012...

I would call them resolutions, but if Ido that, then they obviously won’t happen. So they’re things that I’ll try  do in 2012.

  • Get through at least 75 books on my goodreads TBR list. At time of writing (22 December), I have 1525 books on it, a fact I blame on participating in the Waiting on Wednesday meme and following so many of you that you feature so many books that look like my kind of thing. And when I say To Read, I actually intend to read them. 2012 is a new year-so why not?
  • Get through my entire physical pile. I’ve included a photo, which is about one third of the pile. The other stuff is downstairs and I’m not going to go down and take a photo because it’s warm here. This will count towards my TBR challenge, so is somewhat useful too!
  • Actually stick to my obtaining book ban. Because when I’ve tried before, I’ve ended up coming home with six books with the promise to myself that “They’re manga and I will get through them quickly”. This year, I’ll hopefully stick to them.
  • In the words of Haley, write my reviews a few DAYS after reading it...not a few MONTHS. Even if it is the easiest thing to finish a book, think “I’ll review it later” then realise many weeks later that you still need to write a review and you have forgotten almost everything about said book.
  • Think up more interesting things to post. Looking through the archive, I have mainly book reviews, Waiting on Wednesdays, and hops, with the occasional In My Mailbox, Cover to Cover, giveaway and news relating to books or us. Pretty boring in my opinion. What can I put though? Please tell in the comments! And wait for February, when there’ll be a big (in comparison to past ones) giveaway for being going for a full year!
  • Be consistent with scoring, both finally and with the warnings. When I look over the archive list, I think “Why did I only give Delirium a 3? And Jessica wasn’t quite as bad as a one. And I wish I could give Goliath a 6. And will I ever feel the need to give a book worse than one? So from now on, scoring will be as follows

  1. Really bad. Did not finish. Finished and wanted to give up but strange powers forced me to carry on. hopefully no book will get this. And Jessica, I’m sorry I gave you this. Lord of the Flies, I’m not. No, Twilight would not get this. Twilight would get coffee.
  2. It was good if you like this kind of thing. I just about got through it. Not too terrible, but nothing stand-out-good at all. read it if you’re a fan of the genre, and you might want to try and get hold of a copy for free. The later Vampire Knight volumes, White Crow, Skeleton Creek etc.
  3. It was really good. as in, you would want to keep this on your shelf to look back on. it’s a book that you really should read, even if it’s something you don’t normally. This should be the most common one coming up-unless of course, I love absolutely everything I read! Here, things like Vampire Hunter D, Bad Taste in Boys, Bakuman, etc
  4. It was really really good. read this, keep it safe, remember it. I really enjoyed it and I think you’ll enjoy it too. It was pretty much perfect, with just a little something missing. This’ll probably be quite common now too. Examples include Texas Gothic,  Cloaked, Anita Blake, To Kill a Mockingbird.
  5. It was amazing. Everything about it was perfect and blew me away and it was awesome in gigantic proportions. Things like Leviathan and Falling for Hamlet and Chain Mail and Mad Love and Between Shades of Gray deserve this rating.

So if something gets a 2, it’s not as terrible as it was while using the old system. Sorry everything!
Also, I’d like to try and be a little more thorough with the warnings I provide, which I do because there are only a couple of blogs out there that provide parental guidance and also I read things that are aimed at the YA spectrum, which could be anything. I’ll also try and put an appropriate age rating at the top too.
These rating systems come into use in 2012. Anything reviewed in 2011 will probably have a slightly higher tea rating. Half scores should be taken out completely.  Remember, the score shouldn’t overshadow what I put as a review!

  • Comment on your blogs more frequently. Recently I’ve been inundated by items in google reader, which take the “Blogs I’m following” list to 1000+ items. And I lose the will to sit and I click “mark all as read”. Sorry. Most of the time, I read all your things. and then rarely think of anything to say. So in 2012, I’ll try and comment on 5 blogs a day. I’ll try. No promises, but still.

Think that’s a good way to set up the new year? A nice list of things I hope to do? I think it is. Have you got anything you want to do this year?

Oh, and as a little way of kicking off the New Year, Digital Manga are letting you read Vampire Hunter D, volumes 1-5, for free online! 



  1. Sometimes I review a book a few weeks after reading it because I get really lazy sometimes and put off. Hopefully this year is different!

    I used to be very confused about my rating system. 3 used to be "okay," then "good." 2 was also the same thing. I'm still trying to fix everything up and know which one is perfect for the book.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I'm trying to comment more too! I follow far too many blogs. I cleared anything unread that was from 2011 last night, so I was able to wake up to a couple of posts per person, if that. ^^

    ComaCalm's Corner


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