Saturday, 31 December 2011

Final Post of 2011.... Stats, brief history and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

So, it’s been a long year. Lots of things have happened to everyone everywhere. I could go on and on about things that have happened in the year politically/personally or some other way, but seeing as this is my book blog, then I’m going to focus on what’s happened this year with Death Books and Tea.
Katy and I began this blog on 23 February 2011. We’d been thinking of starting one like Stephanie (whose blog is here), but couldn’t think of what we were going to call it. Somewhere along the line we though Death Books and Tea would sum us up quite well. Then we had doubts as to who would remember it, but then we left them and got set up.
We then decided we wanted a rating system that was a little different, and we went with tea. But we couldn’t decide exactly what to do, as we were thinking about having “English breakfast” being excellent and “chamomile” meaning terrible. Then we realised that 1. We’d easily forget this and 2. Some of you might love chamomile and hate English Breakfast. And some of you might not like tea at all. so I thought of having a numerical system, neither of us could think  up a better one, and now you have the tea rating system.
We got set up quite quickly, and as the follower count was around 1-20 I was still getting my bearings around the designy thing. I had my heart set on a grim reaper with tea reading, and I drew something, the attempt of which turned out very badly. Then Katy drew something, which turned out quite well. Then Miley/Emily (their blog is here and their deviantART account is here) offered to draw something, which turned out amazing and is now the grim reaper we put in various places. I knew I wanted a pink-light-hearted colour scheme to go against the darkness of the title. By mid-April I’d sorted out the design to what you have today.
And so we carried on with this, with me running it mainly and Katy adding when her computer wasn’t locking her out of Death Books and Tea because we put “Death” in the title/refusing to do things/broken. And there you have Death Books and Tea.
And now for some statistics that I’m quite proud of. This is what we’ve done this year!
  • 256 posts
  • 127 book reviews
  • 20 books read for Parajunkee! I finished!
  • 20,400 pageviews
  • 3,790 Unique Visitors from months of April-December, excluding August because Google Analyctics went wrong
  • 304 Google friend connect followers
  • 9  Feedburner readers
  • 221 books read (according to Goodreads)
  • 61894 pages (according to Goodreads)
  • 1530  books on my Goodreads wishlist

A big thanks to EVERYONE who visits and reads these mad ramblings, and we hope that you’ll  continue to read books and settle down with us into the new year!
Happy New Year Everybody!!

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