Thursday 29 March 2012

Book Review- Sue's Vision by Andrew D Carlson

Sue's VisionTitle: Sue’s Vision
 Author: Andrew D Carlson
Series:  Sue #2
Warnings: clean 10+
Source: Author
Other info: Andrew’s first book, Sue’s Fingerprint, was published last year and reviewed here. Andrew is working on a third book, that is not related to Sue.
Summary : Sue and the other clones have set­tled into their new lives after being released from the mil­i­tary base in Cal­i­for­nia. They make new friends in their new home cities, excel in their new jobs, and even start new families. Mean­while, Ted Stevens must still report back to the spe­cial DHS com­mit­tee and make sure the clones do not cause prob­lems in soci­ety. He trav­els around the coun­try vis­it­ing them to mon­i­tor how they adjust. And he con­tin­ues to enlist his sci­en­tist friends to try to pre­dict the behav­ior of the new people. When friends and fam­ily gather together for a reunion, the clones receive another mes­sage and decide to act upon it. Everyone helps to put their plans in action. Unfortunately, they attract the atten­tion of the FBI. Ted must again step in and resolve the sit­u­a­tion. He makes another bold deci­sion. He informs the clones that they, along with their friends, will be picked up and escorted back to Cal­i­for­nia. They’re shocked at what hap­pens when they get there.
Review:  You might remember I reviewed the first in the series some time ago (Sue’s Fingerprint, strength 5) and really enjoyed it. So I was definitely up for reading this one, even though the blurb was a little vaguer and possibly a little less interesting.
The idea of it’s quite nice. All the clones from last time have settled down into family life and are doing quite well. But then they all receive a message from out of space, telling them to save the earth, and to spread the word to humans that they need to save the environment too. And so they do-sending messages to very important people in an attempt to get the message round. Unfortunately, they don’t really think it through. They’re writing in a language only they can understand, and include a key at the end. Please note, if you send strange letters to American officials, you’re likely to be marked a security threat. And Sue and co are. They attract the attention of the FBI, and not in a good way.
It’s a good premise. Not quite as interesting as the original, but could still go well. I love the fact that everyone’s gone off and done their own thing. It’s nice seeing things like that happen. it’s also really cute seeing everyone get together and meet up every now and again (My old school doesn’t.  I think we’ve all totally forgotten/stopped caring about each other-but then, these guys are all clones together).
I like the idea of the clones having their own language. Their own writing system, which I assume is what’s on the cover. Very interesting, and love the description of it- swirls and polygons. I guess that’s what other people see our alphabet as if they don’t know it. I know I think of hiragana and cryllic as swirls/lines. This is something similar. I also like the developments that the researchers at the lab have made. It could go any way, so...
The characters are still the same-lovable, different and fun. Sue is again, down to earth about everything, maybe a little  too simplistic this time, but still a good character. You just feel like this is a set of characters that are generally happy with their lives. They could be a little deeper, which is quite hard considering they originated in book one, but maybe with some more hidden secrets or something. 
The whole thing could have been a little bit more generally epic.  Book one, cloning mice from goo-then humans? Heck yes. This time, an attempt to save the planet. Not quite there. It was interesting methodology, but it could have just had a little more excitement to it. Also, the ending was really quite anticlimactic. Not much really happens there. It’s nice to know that stuff turned out generally ok. But it just didn’t have  the excitement that it started off with.

Overall: Strength 3 tea to an interesting continuation, but could have been better. I hope book 3 has a lot more tension, excitement and such in it. Which shouldn’t be too difficult.

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