Sunday 11 March 2012

Weekly Round-Up #8

So...Katy and I had that amazing week in France...which you can kind of read about here. How two of you thought that post was interesting enough to comment on, even if it was just to say I don’t know. Anyway, it says that we got a lot of manga. I’m not joking. We did. And as we said before, it’s all in French. So if we get the wrong idea, and review it with said wrong idea, tell us.

Here’s what Katy got!
  • Tripeace vol 1 by Tomoyuki Maru
  • Secret Service (Inu x Boku SS) by Cocoa Fujiwara
  • Fate Stay Night by Type Moon
  • Professor Layton by Naoki Sakura
  • Artelier by Yen Hioka

Here’s what I got in France!
  • Soul Eater vol 1 by Atsushi Okubo
  • Vampire Doll 3 by Erika Kari  (Read volume 1 in English, have vol 2 in French on my shelf, vol 4 is in the library, so...)
  • Black Butler volumes 6,8,9 by Yana Toboso. I actually understand quite a lot of it. And Badass Meyrin in books 8 and 9. Amazing.

Here’s what was waiting for me when I got back!
  • Won from Emma at BelleBooks. 
    • Haunting Violet bag and makeup bag
    • This Dark Endeavour by Kenneth Oppel
  • Swapped with Jodie at Books for Company
    • Firelight by Sophie Jordan
  • Bought from Amazon, BEFORE LENT. It's allowed. As long as I don't read it yet. 
    • Soulless, the manga, vol 1 by Gail Carriger and REm
  • For review, with thanks to Lizz at Harper Collins
    • Partials by Dan Wells.

Here’s what’s going on around the book-y world!
  • Stephanie has a 500 follower giveaway! It's internationa with lots of good prizes, so go on!
  • Gail Carriger has said that Changeless will be manga-fied! And called Soulless vol 2. Can't wait. Even if the cover is only a sketch at the moment. 
Here’s what’s going on at Death Books and Tea 

  • Not that much. Aside from our giveaway. You have until Thursday to why not?
  • You should be getting a lot of reviews this week! Hopefully... 


  1. oooo glad you had a great time in France, cant believe youre reading books in french, thats crazy you must be really good! I really want to read This Dark Endeavour so I cant wait to see your review! Enjoy!

  2. Ooh, I read Partials a month or so ago via NetGalley and I loved it! Hope you do too. =D

  3. Ooh jealous of Partials, it looks great! I've seen the Soul Eater anime was was really good, not read the manga though. Happy reading! :)

  4. French manga... that sounds kind of dirty. lol. No, that's really cool. You should take some pictures of the inside of them.

    Partials = LOVE

  5. You guys got sooo much manga (also french manga omg!) I really need to start reading it again! Heard good things about Partials.

    The Cait Files


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