Tuesday 17 April 2012

Book Tour Guest Post from Kristy Berridge-on book trailers

The HuntedRemember a few weeks ago, I said how much I loved The Hunted by Kristy Berridge? (If you missed it, click here). Well, Kristy's kindly stopped by to say what she thinks about them-and unveils the trailer for book two! Read on...

You know, I love writing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s my next book, a guest post such as this, or
even a one hundred and forty character line post in Twitter. Tapping away at the keyboard puts a
smile on my face, the written word a very special treat that I’m certain I couldn’t live without. But,
like all creative people, there are other outlets for expression that can also be entertaining.
Book Trailers!
I’m Australian, so when I first heard this concept I burst out laughing. The only thing we have trailers
for is the movies. Normal, right? I had never heard of moving pictures for a novel, a concept that
literally had me trawling YouTube for evidence that such a thing could exist. Apparently commercials
are also popular for television breakthrough overseas; this also made me laugh out loud.
Clearly I’m a Bogan.
Well, book trailers *snorts with derisive laughter* do exist, and I have to say that I’m slowly
becoming a convert. A good trailer can give you brief insight into any chosen novel and may even
help seal the deal on whether or not to buy the product. I have seen some great trailers with
inspirational music and plenty of eye candy. I’ve also seen some rubbish ones too, but again, we’re
writers not filmmakers!
So, needless to say after browsing the internet and dissecting this trend to pieces, I roped my father
into helping me to create a trailer for The Hunted. Full of trepidation, we sketched out the basic
concept of the novel and the points we wanted to make. Neither of us are filmmakers, but we decided
we were going to be for the sake of getting this little venture off the ground.
Now there has been much debate among peers about the use of book trailers and their worth. But,
since The Hunted book trailer has been completed it’s received well over four hundred and forty
views on YouTube and it’s been an invaluable backdrop at conferences, expos and book fairs. Yes, it
may not be the best trailer on the planet, but it’s certainly got spunk. And, since The Damned, the
second book in my Hunted series is due to be released in the up and coming months – you get a sneak
peak at that one too. I hope you enjoy!

Kristy ☺

And to see us out, here's a couple of book trailers! The first one you might have seen before, and the second one (you might also have seen before, but that's not the point) is new. So, what do you think of book trailers?

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  1. I know what you mean. I laughed too when I first heard of book trailers. Honestly, I usually don't watch them until AFTER I've read the book. I don't know why. I watched both of these, and thought the books sound great. It definitely makes me WANT to read them.


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