Sunday 1 April 2012

Weekly Round-up #11

And again…holiday edition!

Here’s what I got! No photo, but anyway! The picture you see to the right (hopefully) is a collection of most the stuff covered today. I didn't get everything you see in that picture.
  • For review from Harlequin, The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross. Read it, and loved it!
  • Won from Medallion Press, Zombies Don’t Cry by Rusty Fischer

Here’s what’s going on around the book-y world!
  • Voltaire now (if you’re reading this on or after 1st April 2012) has rights to his two books, What is Goth? and Paint It Black. And he might have them out in print. And he will almost certainly have them as ebooks. I’M SO EXCITED I CAN’T WAIT. Yeah, I realise some of you might not know who he is. He’s one of my favourite musicians, who also does a whole tonne of other stuff. And I discovered him a couple of years ago and his books were either out of print, or out of my budget. Forgotten which. Unavailable. So, when he put in his new Nooseletter he should have it out some day. YAY!!!
  • Johnny Duddle won the Waterstones Children’s  Book Prize! And Liz Pichon won for middle grade stuff, and Jenny Downham won for teenagers. Yay!
  • Lots of stuff about The Hunger Games. Apparently, it’s too gory for its 12A rating. Er, hello? There was hardly any. And some say it’s too disturbing. Guys, can’t you read? It was in the description. The whole concept is teenagers fighting to the death. No like-go watch something else! 
  • And, even worse. Racist comments floating around. “Why are Rue and Thresh dark?” And worse. Story here. READ THE BOOK. I think Rue and Thresh were brilliantly cast, and brilliantly played. Congrats to Amandla for taking it all so well.
  • And on a nicer note, the Carnegie 2012 shortlist is out! We covered it here.

Here’s what’s going on at Death Books and Tea
  • Not much! Just our usual reviews, memes and such.
  • One day left on the Infinity giveaway!
  • Oh and it’s Easter holidays! (nearly) whole weeks of reading, and anything else!  And considering last week’s gigantic haul…I’ll be spending quite a lot of it reading and writing reviews…


  1. I like those little images you make with all the book covers long does it take you? Do you have to manually do it?

    Dee, an old follower stopping by from e-Volving Books

  2. People moaning about THG need to get a serious grip. Really, they should've made it MORE gory and made it a 15. 12A has ruined EVERYTHING. And the race issue...genuinely appalled. I saw some people say Rue being black made her death less sad/ruined the movie. SERIOUSLY? urgh.

    I quite liked TGitSC, but mostly for Jack Dandy....

    The Cait Files

  3. Great mailbox! I have to say that I think they did a good job casting Rue. The only actors I was worried about was Katniss since the actress was the total opposite from the book character but they made her look like a natural Katniss unlike the Twilight movies.


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