Sunday 23 December 2012

Things that you may have missed (because I almost did too)

I got through 180 emails yesterday! I'm pretty amazed at this. Ok, half of these were newslettery things sent out, but I'm surprised that I didn't miss out on anything urgent.  There were other things though!


I've been involved in the tours for both of Neil James' Skyship Academy  (and still haven't gotten round to reading them yet). However, I found an email with some nice cover art for the last book in the trilogy, Strikeforce!

There's also stuff relating to Marie Lu's Legend series! I reviewed and loved Legend, and now Prodigy
has a lot of stuff going on!  It has a trailer, and a game. And a chapter sample! 

I won some zombie e-books from Cat Clarke! It was part of a celebration for the e-book release of Undone! Cat's books are amazing-go check them out!

 Ooh! Important thingy regarding free books if you want them!
Like probably most of you, I have too many books. Well, you can't actually have too many. I  just have a too small room and bookshelf and a mother who does not really understand this. I tend to give books away to charity shops or other second hand places, but I also take notice of the "don't sell"  thing on the proofs. I'm also slow at doing book culls. As a result, I have a small pile of proofs and books I have read and don't really want to read again.
This is where you come in. If you want one, email me!  There'll soon be a list of books that I have up for the taking.  In future, they'll be tagged  "books you can have".
This is UK only. They'll be free, unless you're kind enough to want to send me postage money via paypal or amazon. I just want to free up some space!

And finally, as I may forget, HAPPY CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR/SOLSTICE (though that's gone)/HANNUKAH (also gone)/WINTER/GENERAL TIME OF GOOD CHEER.
I'll be back soon properly. Have a great time :)


  1. SO SO SO excited for Prodigy! :D Like unbelievably excited! And Undone in amazing! Read it earlier this week. B. E. A. Utiful book! :D

    Happy reading.

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Nina!!! :) x

  3. The Cat Clarke books look amazing. I need to add these to my to-read list.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you too!


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