Monday 31 December 2012

Top Ten Books Read This Year Published This Year

Part Two of Favourite Reads of 2012! But before that, a message to you all.

In terms of blogging, 2012 has been generally excellent. I've been to events and met up with people. I've widened my tastes gradually. I just about organised a month of spookiness that actually went well. So to all the amazing authors whose works I read and enjoyed, to all the bloggers and publishers and other people who I've chatted to or met, to all you generally awesome people reading this...
May 2013 bring you much happiness!

And on to the books...

Title: Poltergeeks
Author: Sean Cummings
Reason: So much fun!

Title: Grave Mercy
Author: R. L. LaFevers
Reason: Kickass heroine and wonderful world building.

Author: Tom Pollock
Reason: Urban fantasy-literally. In an amazing sense. 

Author: Barry Lyga
Reason: Realistic, with great, fleshed out characters.

Title: The  Assassin's Curse
Author: Cassandra Rose Clarke
Reason: Ananna is smart and sassy. Full on adventure. (full review some day).

Title: Frostfire
Author: Zoe Marriott
Reason: Generally beautiful fantasy. (full review some day)

Title: Insignia
Author: S J Kincaid 
Reason: Technology and friendship and a really awesome story.

Title: Hollow Pike
Author: James Dawson
Reason: Atmosphere. Creepy. Diverse. Witches.

Title: Maggot Moon
Author: Sally Gardner
Reason: The friendship! The conspiracy! The huggability!

Author: John Green
Reason: ALL THE FEELS. I cannot explain how beautiful this is. My general reaction to reading this was.
Just, go and read it if you haven't read it.

Happy new year, people!


  1. Totally agree with you for most of these. Maggot Moon was stunning. I haven't read any of the first four yet, though! Happy new year! :)

  2. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS! I completely agree! I'm still not feeling the same after reading it! SO MANY EMOTIONS!

  3. You've got some fantastic books on this list, Nina! I agree 100% about Grave Mercy, that was totally my favorite book of the year. I fell in love with Ismae and her kick-butt attributes, and loved watching the romance unfold. And I think TFiOS is on everyone's list! That book totally grabbed my emotions and messed with them big time. BIG TIME. I have a copy of Insignia sitting on my shelf, begging to be read, so I plan to pick that up soon! I'm glad to see that you loved it so much. =)

    Fantastic list! <3 I hope 2013 brings just as many awesome reads for you.


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