Tuesday 1 January 2013

Challenges, Tasks, and Stuff I plan to Do In the Upcoming Year

It's really odd to think it's 2013... anyway. I'm not going to call these things resolutions, because everyone knows they're out the window after two weeks. But here's a list of things that I plan to do this year!

1. Read at least 25 books on my kindle. I went through it this morning and discovered books I didn't even know I had. Having 17 pages of stuff organised in chronological order makes you not care about the ones at the back, and just keep reading new stuff.

2. Read at least 30 books from my physical pile. Then pass them on somehow. So then I have more space for books XD But really, I need to sort that box out. After going through them, I found that I had tonnes of review copies and about 20 that I this time last year. Time to change that!

3. Write reviews quicker. So then I don't end up writing a terrible review (terrible quality, not negative) review about a month after I've read the book.

4. Read review copies on time. I just know I've got it to read. And forget about when the publishing date is. I'm sorry, lovely people who send me stuff...

5. Read 200 books as part of the Goodreads Challenge. Review at least half of them.

6. Read at least one British book a month as part of Feeling Fictional's British Books challenge.

7. Housekeeping round here! For example, rewriting the review policy, copying all my reviews onto amazon, update the archive list, reply to all comments, and sort out the tags.

8. Change the desktop theme!

9. Comment on blogs more regularly. As in not weeks without doing it then a spree when I notice that one blog's got 100+ posts to be read. More like ten minutes a day. If I remember. I shall try!

10. Write at least a first draft of a book. Nanowrimo is nice for getting your arse into gear, but it's also really stressful. And you end up looking over it and thinking
This time, I'll be more relaxed about it, but hopefully get something down that I won't mind showing people!

There's also a couple of more personal things that I want to do this year. But I won't go into that here.

So, 2013. Lots of things to do. Do I think I'll be able to fully do it all? Maybe. But will it be fun?

PS. I won't keep adding reaction gifs everywhere. Unless...maybe... do you want more Doctor Who/randomness on here?


  1. 200 books! Wow! That's a lot! I hope you manage to achieve it!
    Happy new year!

  2. You've got some great goals on this list, Nina! 200 books is a fantastic goal, and I hope you'll be able to read that many. =) I also really, really need to write reviews quicker as well! I always write my better reviews soon after having read a book, but I procrastinate SO much and write them like weeks after I've read the book, which is not good. Hopefully I'll get better about that this year!

    Fantastic list Nina! Good luck with all of your new goals. <3

  3. 200 books wow! I'm aiming for a conservative 100...fingers crossed for both of us ;) I think you've set good goals

    Cait x

  4. 200 books, that is a great goal! I hope you can stick to all your plans :D


  5. Love your resolutions! Especially about getting through the books on your Kindle--I need to do that too!

  6. Some fab ideas. I am the same as you I don't comment enough and sometimes I end up not reviewing at all because I don't want to write a crappy review because I've forgotten stuff. Great idea

  7. Good Luck with your list! I had a go at 'NaNoWriMo' for the first time ever in November, and i ended up throwing paper at the computer and being unbelivably stressed - and yet, i did manage to write 50,135 words of my first novel...it is a tough challenge but one that has launched me forwards so now i am writing my book (rather than talking about writing it!).
    I challenged on Goodreads to read 150 books this year, so i commend you on 200.


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