Tuesday 1 January 2013

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Goodreads Challenge in a Year. Aiming for 200 this year. Goodreads will keep track for me!

 Feeling Fictional's British Books Challenge. 12 British books this year, roughly one a month. No idea what I'll read. Links will come as and when it happens.

  1. Dead Romantic by CJ Skuse

Physical Old and Review- in which I aim to review (and if necessary, read) at least 30  on this list of books I've had for at least a year or have been sent for review or have read  and been too lazy to review or for other reasons need to be read soon. And then, if I don't think I'll read them again, I have to pass them on somehow.

  • Pavane for a Dead Girl
  • The Demon's Lexicon
  • Butterfly
  • Neko Ramen
  • Heart Shaped Bruise
  • The Assassin's Curse
  • Interview With the Vampire 
  • Frostfire
  • Blackwood
  • Annie on my Mind
  • Broken Illusions
  • Blood Magic
  • The Reapers are the Angels
  • Tomorrow When the War Began
  • Night Circus
  • Dark Eyes
  • Jepp Who Defied the Stars
  • King Arthur
  • What's Left of Me
  • Devil's Bargain
  • The Exorcist
  • Unfed
  • Gods and Warriors
  • A World Between Us
  • Summertime of the Dead
  • The Thin Exectuioner
  • Shadows
  • A Visit from the Goon Squad
  • Beautiful Creatures
  • Zombies Don't Cry
  •  The Hobbit
  • Switched
  • Hereafter
  • The Poisoned House
  • Spellbound
  • All four books in the Doctor Who Collection
  • School's Out Forever
    Kindle Old and Review .  In which I aim to review (and if necessary, read) at least 25  books on  this list, of ebooks I have either received before January 2012 or have been given for review or have read and been too lazy to review at the time.

    • Ack-Ack Macaque
    • Clean
    • Alechemist of Souls
    • Bad Hair Day
    • Beautiful Demons
    • Blood Keeper
    • Blood Zero Sky
    • Code Name Verity
    • Corpse Rat King
    • The Culling
    • Dash And Lily's Book of Dares
    • Death Demons (something. I can't read my handwriting)
    • Demon Eyes
    • Angel's Kiss
    • Flask
    • Glamour
    • Evil Dark
    • Fangtaboulous
    • The Goddess Legacy
    • Monsterous Beauty
    • Hollowland
    • Gearteeth
    • The Lost Prince
    • The Madness Underneath
    • Oddkins
    • Mortal Obligation
    • The New Death and Others
    • Pure
    • Pantomime
    • Redemption
    • Released
    • Senshi
    • Shadowhunters and Downworlders
    • Silver
    • Snakebite
    • Sister Assassin
    • Something Strange and Deadly
    • Tarnished
    • Trick or Treat
    • 22 Dark Tales
    • Under My Hat
    • Unspoken
    • The Wrong Goodbye
    • Yesterday
    • Zombie
    • Velveteen

      Good luck to me!

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      1. Hi Nina, thanks so much for signing up for the British Books Challenge, I hope you enjoy taking part :o)


      Thanks for taking time to read this!
      Comments are much loved.
      Nina xxx

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