Sunday 3 March 2013

NEWS!! Also, February round up. Also, stuff.

I broke my book obtaining ban. I'm sorry, shelves. I got Undone by Cat Clarke. But it's ok if I read it in one day, and it's going back to the library tomorrow...right?

What happened in February...Well, I went to the Hot Key Books/Templar thing (see here). I put up a lot of giveaways. some of which are ending soon, so you should go and enter! You should also enter the ones that end later in the month. Lots of awesome prizes to be won!

Innovera Yakov-The Journey of a Thousand Eyes by Kia Garriques International-ends 5 March
£5 Amazon/Book Depository voucher in exchange for tagline-ends 30 March
Witchlove by Emma Mills -International-ends 8 March
£11 worth books from TheBookDepository International blogoversary thing- Ends 30 March
2x book packs from my shelf UK only blogoversary giveaway-ends 30 March

Death Books and Tea turned TWO!!  (hence why we have some of these giveaways)
I changed my design.
I read quite a bit.
I got into Supernatural. It is now on my long obsession list. You may have noticed the sanity level of this book slowly slipping since the start of the year. Supernatural, and all the SuperWhoLock things that can also come from it, is a push down the hill.  I'm sorry.
I have some taglines to consider! Please carry on thinking of them, and I'll settle on one at the end of the month.

 News! We have a cover for book two in the Grisha series by Leigh Bardugo! I quite enjoyed The Gathering Dark (review here) and  I like the similarities between the cover for Siege and Storm a nd Shadow and Bone (the US title for The Gathering Dark).

We just got 500 followers!

There's going to be more Neil Gaiman in our lives!! He is a generally awesome man, even if some of his writing for little people is a bit... er.... no (my first encounter with him was Crazy Hair and that was just wrong wrong wrong). Anyway, Neil has a book coming called Fortunately, the Milk and it sounds really really cool. Oh, and Chris Riddell is a great illustrator.

There's going to be more Neil Gaiman in our lives! At some point. And more time travel. And more awesomeness. FOUR WEEKS TILL DOCTOR WHO SERIES 7 PART 2!!!!!


  1. I like your cunning plan, Nina! ;) More Neil Gaiman and more travel! Also congrats on 500 followers! ;)) Have a great week of reading!

  2. impressive month ^^ i've been quite sick so not a lot of reading ( i didn't go in any bookshop so no risk to jump on something ( what i would have done)march being mr birthday month i plan to get at least 1 book i deserve it)

    still thinking about new idea for tagline too^^

    1. Not getting any books for your birthday is depressing (and I've been there). Bon rétablissement!

  3. I approve of your Supernatural addiction! :D

    Also, I see you have Goodreads widgets on your page. I have tried and failed to add these! How did you do it?

    1. I have the feeling there might be more than just Doctor Who gifs around here some time... If you go into Edit Profile, the Widgets, then copy and paste the code into a HTML/Javascript box at the side. The thing runs on javascript, so make sure it's in a box supporting it.

  4. More Neil Gaiman is always good news! :D

  5. Congratulations on 500 followers; you really deserve it.
    I can understand why you might have broken your book ban because of Undone; it is amazing! I hope you enjoyed it. :)

  6. Congratulations on your 500 followers and your blog'aversary


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