Wednesday 20 March 2013

Shedload of News!

So, they announced the death of Google Reader. 1 July, it'll be gone. This is both sad, because I've used it since forever, and irritating, because I've used it since forever and have at least 500 feeds in it. Thank you, life, for letting me import all my subscriptions automatically!
I'm trialling blogloving, oldreader and Feedly. What's everyone else doing with their subscriptions?

Also, because I have no idea what'll be happening with GFC, which has already been taken off non-blogger sites, I've registered with Blogloving and Networked Blogs. Links down the side-it would be much appreciated if you followed by some of these methods!
I've chosen a tagline! One of my family came up with it.

Life's Too Short to Miss Out on Good Books.

I like it because it's pretty similar to what I came up with, it's short, and it doesn't resort to words which some people might not like.

Regarding the £5 voucher, I'm still going to offer it. Every tagline that got submitted will be an entry, and I'll use to pick a winner.
We had an author visit from Lauren Oliver today! Two friends and I got to interview her, and we talked about quite a few things. If I can get my phone to play nice and cough up the second half of the interview, I'll transcribe it and post it. If. Not looking likely :(
RIP James Herbert. I've seen your books around, and they look pretty good.
I think we should all be ashamed of the culture that has led to many people's reactions to the Steubenville rape trial. People blaming the girl, people complaining about how these boys' lives will be ruined without taking into account the fact that they brought it on themselves, and such. These attitudes are disgusting and we should all be pushing for the harshest prison sentences possible. So much rage in my head when I read sh*t like that. *tries to keep this blog lighthearted and rages to air instead*

They announced the title to Sherlock Season 3 episode 1! It's going to be The Empty Hearse which is clever because obviously, the ACD bringing Sherlock back story was The Empty House, and any hearse that John would have had for "Sherlock" would be empty and yeah. And they've started production. We might not die before season 3 comes!
We have a Hazel! It's Shailene Woodley, the girl who's also going to be Tris. To be honest, she isn't anything like my mental Hazel or Tris. But here's hoping that she does both really well!
I'm pretty much in love with Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. I read it at the weekend, and the radio play is so so good! Look, it's Anthony Head being an assassin! Benedict Cumberbatch being an angel! Sophie Okonedo being a badass! Neil Gaiman being an excellent story teller....and... many things!

I'm not going to be around for a few days. Maybe. Possibly. Because I'm going to Belgium tomorrow on the history battlefields trip! Got to be at school for half five in the morning!!! And then four hours of travelling. And then on Friday, six hours of travelling. And then on Sunday, four hours of travelling. Yes, I'm taking lots of books. Six physical and a kindle. Yeah. Overkill? Maybe. But it beats hours on coaches and boredom. Because even with all the stuff that we're doing together, we'll end up bored somewhere along the line.

Anyway, about the maybe being around. There's going to be free wifi at the hotel! Maryspam might take her laptop. My kindle has wifi built in. But I don't know how busy I'll be. I might be around a bit, but assume this is the last you'll see of me till Monday.
Until then...bye.

Oh, and here's a nice picture of one of the best advertising schemes ever.


  1. Haha! I love that picture!

    It's so awesome that you got to meet and interview Lauren Oliver! I know you've said about your school before and I'm thinking about moving there because you have some amazing author visitations.

    I think I quite like Shailene as Hazel, especially when her hair is brown because it does look a little bit like I imagine her, although I don't think any actress could really live up to the image we have of her.

    Enjoy your trip, Nina! :)

  2. Love the tagline. And so so so so excited for new Sherlock! I actually can't wait... Ooh Belgium! I went there once for a day trip - hope you have fun! :D


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