Sunday 14 April 2013

News-the Pretty Books Edition

Hey. My week has been procrastination, blog wise. I finished maybe two or three books, and have written zero blog posts (what you've had this week has been things written ages ago).
 I have read about 5 novel's worth of fanfiction plus three folders of revision plus Good Omens-again. 

This whole "let's not do anything particularly useful" has led to this. Colour coordinated book/dvd/cd shelves.

My bookbox runneth over. Again. Majorly. And I am slightly in love with Harriet from Random House (in the oh my gosh thank you for your awesomeness way). I now have all the Wardstone Chronicles (The Spook's XXX) by Joseph Delaney. That I will hopefully read before book 12 comes out. Hopefully. I shall try!

I also went to London this week. And I went to Foyles. And to stop Mum complaining about me spending 50 minutes in there without actually buying anything, (because honestly. You at home-"I want ALL THESE BOOKS SO MUCH." You at bookshop with one of the biggest selections ever-"I have no idea what to get. What did I want??") I got Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger.

There's been loads of cover reveals this week.

Emma Newman's Split Worlds book two- Any Other Name. I'm reading Between Two Thorns and I'm loving the faerie and crossover to the "real" world and I have a lot of love for Cathy, who's request is to go off to uni, when everyone expects her to ask for something shallow. You'll get more of that when I've read it. And here, the cover.

Kim Curran's Shift book two- Control. I really liked Shift (my review is here), and this cover amps up the awesomeness completely.

Neil Gaiman's Fortunately The Milk. This looks like so much fun!

There's going to be a book by Stuart Hill called Prince of the Icemark and it comes out in June. Why am I excited? I LOVED THE ICEMARK SERIES. So yeah. Fangirling over the promise of more adventures to this great fantasy world.

Amy is having a giveaway! Sky Song by Sharon Sant-enter here.

I need help with this writing. In a YA fantasy novel, when the protagonist is most definitely in school doing their Alevels, when should they best go off adventuring? Drop out? Weekends only? I can't decide and I think I need to!

Your weekly installment of awesome. Blind date with books at a library. If they ever let me help out at my library, I am totally making this happen at some point.


  1. Oh my gosh i LOVELOVELOVE the blind date with books idea! I wish my library did that! Love Neil Gaiman!

  2. I've been messing with my bookshelves too :) No colour co-ordination in sight for me, I'm afraid. I started with ascending date of publication - interesting to look at it but tricky to actually find anything I wanted. Then tried alphabetical - that was boring. Somewhere inbetween at the mo.

    Our local library did a similar thing recently. Wrapped up books & you didn't have a clue what you were getting. Wasn't a bad selection either when I unwrapped mine. Even got poetry.

    Don't think your adventurer should drop out - or at least, not in their A-level universe (could always do some parallel thingy). How about lunchtime or assemblies? - they were usually tediously, yawnworthingly dull for me (hopefully yours are much more adrenaline inducing).

  3. Oh wow, the bookshelves! :O I wish I had time to do that. It's so awesome. The most organised mine get is the all of the books in a certain series in the same place!
    I can't wait for Neil Gaiman's book! Ahh! The cover is so colorful! It's epic! Have you read the synopsis? It's crazy but makes the book sound like fun.

  4. I want to read Fortunately the Milk! I'm going to Neil's book signing for Ocean at the End of the Lane in San Franciso at the end of June - so excited!

    I know how not doing anything productive can be!


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