Sunday 7 April 2013

To avoid confusion, a tour of my bookshelves. Plus news.


So, awesome M at We Sat Down sent me a copy of Clockwork Princess! Nice nice people. I've met M and Little M twice and they are both awesome. This is further proof.

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I'm thinking of holding a LBGTQIA etc in YA event some time in the second half of August. Not sure how long it would run, it depends on how many people would be up for it, but there has been some interest from people around the interwebs. Give a shout if you'd read/participate.
Vague planning around my timetable- Planning, ideas circulating, next week, lighten up for two weeks for internal exams,  hold off planning May and June due to actual real exams, proper planning late June and July and August.

I know racism exists still, alongside multiple other isms that should be gone. But today, I was generally shocked by the fact that there's still segregated proms happening. Faith in humanity lessened a bit more.

Sad news regarding Iain M Banks and terminal cancer. Wishing him the best quality of life possible for what remains of it.

James Dawson needs a survey filled out for his book, Being A Boy. If you are a person between 14 and 24, go and fill out this survey. From the questions, it looks like interesting topics will be raised. Looking forwards to it, despite my not normally reading nonfiction and my nonfiction reading material normally being very very different.

Also,the question "Do you feel your SRE at school addressed violent or abusive relationships and rape?" got me wondering about how rape&violence are covered generally. It'll be interesting to see inthe book, but I was wondering if any school ever sits down their pupils (because anyone nomatter their parts can be a complete failure of humanity) and says "Don't rape. Respect everyone's privacy and consent and lack of". Really not related to books, but  that's a serious thought of the day.  

I have no idea how to design this thing for the exam. A fabric educational product based on the theme "world transport". I believe someone at AQA was high when they thought of this.

Those pretty, colour organised shelves, aren't mine! I am nowhere near organised nor dedicated enough to do something like that and maintain it.
Case in point, here are my books.

Books that I have read and honestly could not get rid of. And CDs. And DVDs. And glasses cases. And lucky cats. 

Books that I books that I have read and will review, will read soon and review, and books that I read ages ago and really need a review writing so will reread soon.

And here, my to read box! Normally, that stack is on top of the box... 

A far far cry from the organisation of those bookshelves. Maybe I'll try sorting out my "keep forever" shelf into prettiness. One day.

 I am really behind in CampNaNoWriMo. But I have a way to keep going. I think...maybe. 

And for your weekly "random image that might be interesting to some" Someone on the internet is a godsend and made this.
I'm going to leave now while I die either of laughter or sweetness overload that there is almost a whole foot's difference between Clara and The Eleventh Doctor.

Have a good week, everyone. 

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  1. You had me fooled with those shelves, Nina. And now look, you're saying lovely things about me (& us) - ta!
    I was wondering if things like rape etc. might end up being discussed in schools through other (less personalised) things than sex ed type classes. Like, if you're reading the novel or script for Noughts & Crosses?


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