Friday 7 March 2014

Cover Reveal- Delete by Kim Curran

You know how much I love these books, where if you want, you can change a decision you made, even if it's not always for the best...
Anyway, Kim Curran's Shift was released December 2012 and Control was released last August (me: seriously??? How has the time gone past?)   And this August, DELETE is being released. And here's the cover.

Given Control's giant cliffhanger, and the firey colours  on the cover of this, I'm expecting big things from Delete!

I also like the way that the stakes seem to have gotten higher as the series progresses- look at the background- warehouse to modern city skyscrapery things to the Houses of Parliament.  Exciting.

Finally, did I ever tell you about Kim's other project, Glaze? No? Well, check it out here. It looks awesome. 

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