Friday 14 March 2014

Daugters of Time Blog Tour, with Penny Dolan and Marry Wollstonecraft

Hi guys! Today, I'm a stop on the tour for the Daughters of Time book, which is an anthology by The History Girls and edited by Mary Hoffman. When I heard about this book, which is all about awesome women through history (just so we're clear, I love women and history), I was just "Yes. Going to read that some day".

Today, we have Penny Dolan, who writes about "Why I Chose Mary Wollstonecraft" (extract from Daughters of Time, published by Templar)

I chose Mary because she called for girls to be well-educated, for men and women to live as equal partners, and for the rights of both men and women in an age when only a few men had the power to vote.

I also admire Mary because, unlike many famous women, she was not aristocratic or wealthy.

She came from a troubled, unsettled family. At a time when prettiness and wealth were essential for ‘a good marriage’, Mary had little fortune or great beauty. However, she was incredibly determined: given little formal schooling, she educated herself, gaining a reputation as an outspoken writer, intellectual and journalist. Even so, Mary’s headstrong, passionate personality did not make her life easy, happy or long.

I based this story on a visit mentioned in Mary’s published letters about a trip to Scandinavia, trying to imagine how a young girl might feel on meeting the remarkable Mary at a certain moment
in her own life.

Thank you, Penny! I've just read Penny's story, and it's quietly good. A review of the whole anthology will come later.

Daughters of Time by The History Girls, edited by Mary Hoffman
£6.99 Templar Publishing. Out now.


  1. I really want to read this - it sounds great. Lovely post :)

  2. It sounds very interesting and, even though I try not to judge books by their covers, this one is beautiful.


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