Saturday 2 July 2011

100 Follower Giveway!!

So somehow, 100 of you lovelies care enough about the insane ramblings of two girls who are normally high on tea, high on good times with friends, or both, to follow this blog. Very many thanks to all of you. And so to say thank you, we're holding a giveaway! And it's international!
One lucky winner will receive upto £15 worth of books, of their choice, from the book depository. All you have to do is follow Death Books and Tea, and fill out the form. If you're desperate to win, or just want to earn extra entries, spread the word! Twitter, facebook, blog sidebar, any other way you use to promote this giveaway will earn you one extra entry to the giveaway. You have three weeks to enter...Good luck!

The rules

  • The contest closes on Friday 22 July. On Saturday 23 July a winner will be chosen with
  • You must publicly follow this blog with google friend connect.
  • You may gain extra entries by spreading the word, or fulfilling other criteria outlined in the form.
  • The winner may choose upto £15 (around 23 USD) worth of books from the Book Depository that we will send to them.
  • No Po boxes, please. We should know the books will go to a real person
  • Entrants must be13 years old or over, or have parent's permission to enter.
  • You must live somewhere that the Book Depository ships to

And here's the form...

Once again, thank you and good luck!


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  3. yay! congratulations! :D and thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  4. and ARGH! I forgot to put the twitter link in the form! its here:!/raimy_rawr/status/87099779842191360

  5. Thank you! :D

  6. very cool. thanks for the giveaway

  7. Hey there! Sorry for the mistake, I should have 2 entries instead of 1 (:

  8. Done! Thanks! :)
    I owe you nooks I believe! Bit behind so I'll post them when I can, sorry!


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