Monday 4 July 2011

Independence Day and My Favourite Authors.

So to all Americans, Happy Independence Day. Have fun partying or whatever it is you do. The reason I'm here today, on this day which is actually very ordinary for people like me, ie those in the UK, to talk about the people for whom it is not an ordinary day, ie those in the USA. And seeing as this is a blog about books, I'm going to talk about the authors who live in the USA. And before we go any further, that failed picture at the top is America from Hetalia Axis Powers. Reading books by American authors. I thought a flag would be boring, I currently have an  obsession with Hetalia, and I was bored, and I couldn’t be bothered to find a picture for it and…anyway, various things lead to that picture. And on to the main bit.

There have been some  good authors from USA (thinks of ravens).There have been some very good authors from USA (thinks of barbecue sauce loving demons). And there have been some very bad authors from the USA(thinks of sparkly vampires). For the purposes of today's blog though, I'm going to focus on the good ones, because heres a list of my personal favourites.

  • ·         Sherrilyn Kenyon. I love the world she creates in New Orleans, it's very realistic and seems like a great place to be. Plus the sarcasm in her Chronicles of Nick series is epic and I really want Simi and Ash in particular to be real. 
  • ·         Tim Waggoner. I just finished the first book in his Nekropolis series, which seems like a pretty good place to live, aside from the fact that everyone’s dead to some degree, or otherwise not entirely human. It’s great fun. Must read more.
  • ·         Neal Shusterman. Unwind was amazing, the right mix of creepy and adventurous, and I hope the rest of his books are just as great
  • ·         Gail Carriger. Steampunk + werewolves + smart heroine + tea + treacle tart = love. Need I say any more?
  • ·         Laurell K Hamilton. Because Anita Blake is one of the most awesome heroines. Most of the time anyway. Love one of her mottos: Never trust people who smile constantly. They're either selling something, or not very bright.
  • ·         Scott Westerfeld. Another steampunk series. Can’t wait for Goliath to  come out later…
  • ·         Rick Riordan. I loved the Percy Jackson series-heavy on the action, with hardly any romance. A lot of fun. And some of the best ever chapter titles.
  • ·         Edgar Allan Poe. Awesome stories, creepy poems, and The Raven is such a pretty poem… love his stories.
And some American authors that are good, but not my favourites…

  • ·         Stephen King
  • ·         Laurie Halse Anderson
  • ·         Mark Twain
  • ·         Meg Cabot
  • ·         PC and Kirsten Cast
  • ·         Jodi Piccoult
  • ·         Maureen Johnson

And that’s all I can think of for now. I’m sure there’s many other great American authors…but I don’t have time right now to go through every single book I’ve read and see if it was written by an American.
Happy independence day again!

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