Friday 5 August 2011

Book Review- Mostly Harmless

One of Katy’s reviews I found lying about
Title: Mostly Harmless
 Author: Douglas Adams
Series:  Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy/Trilogy of Five #5
Published:  13th October 1992
Length: 218 pages
Source: LRC
Summary : (included in the review)
Review: Like all the books in the 'Trilogy', Mostly Harmless spreads Douglas Adam's unitversally useful wisdom to us humans.
The book mainly describes the story of Arthur Dent, and his attempt to get himself a life after he had travelled into a parallel universe and lost Fenchurch. Armed with the fact that he doesn't know anything, he sets out on a quest to find Starvomula Beta, or something like that, which he must find before he can die. Meanwhile, Ford Prefect steals his boss's identification details and the space equivalent of a credit card and tries to do something, that I can't quite remember, with a robot named Colin.
Tricia McMillian, not Trillian, leads a successful life as a reporter in America when aliens land in her back garden. Realising that this would make the perfect story, she takes her video recorder and gets inside. She starts to interview then and most of their answers are 'We do not know'.
As you can see, Mostly Harmless is a stroke of pure genius as none of the events appear to have any relationship whatsoever. But somehow, they all come together to make a story that generally does not make any sense.
Concerning character depth, all the characters are quite shallow: most of them just want to get drunk or raise their popularity.
Overall:  4


  1. I haven't read any Douglas Adams for ages, should really read him again soon.


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