Friday 12 August 2011

Book Hop #14

Book Blogger HopHello. Thank you for getting to Death Books and Tea. Here we review horror, dystopian, fantasy, manga and the like. You'll get a better idea if you settle down and have a look. Hope you like us!

For this week's question...
“Let’s talk crazy book titles! Highlight one or two (or as many as you like!) titles in your personal collection that have the most interesting titles! If you can’t find any, feel free to find one on the internet!”

I went through my goodreads list and chose my favourite. I'm saying Kamikaze Girls by Novala Takemoto. This is because when you see Kamikaze, you think of WW2 and suicide missions. However Kamikaze Girls is pretty much the opposite: friendship, two girls, and awesomeness. I suggest you read it. If not just for the title.]#

That's my choice. I'm sure there's many other books with awesome titles.
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  1. Nina, thanks for stopping by.

    The books actually arrived yesterday. I was doing up my IMM post for Sunday this morning and I put a link to you guys in there.

    Yes that was Charmed, you should watch more of it. It was awesome, although it did lose its heavier demon stuff once Paige replaced Prue, then it went to all the mythology plots with faeries and leprechauns and goddesses.

  2. Hey there! Thanks for visiting and following my blog! I really appreciate it :)

    I don't think I have read Kamikaze Girls.. but I might have a look into reading it!



  3. Ha, that's an interesting title for what the book is about.

  4. I never got to read the book, but I liked the Kamikaze Girls movie--I went through a Japanese film phase in grad school. :-)

  5. Kamikaze Girls sounds like an awesome friendship book. I do the FF but found your blog and liked it so I am following now. Hope you stop by!

  6. droppin by on the blog hop.
    friendship and awesomeness? Sounds Ledge - wait for it...


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