Monday 8 August 2011

Mini review- Sample Chapters- Princosa by B. M. Donnelly

 Title: Princosa
Author: B.M.Donnelly (her other writings and art here)
Summary of book: Cresenda is a perfectly normal farm girl until an accident with an enchanted wand leaves her magically gifted, on the run from assassins and battling desperately to save her world. Left with a companion who hates her and government plotting to destroy her will she ever be able to rid herself of her powers and return to normal life?
What I reviewed: First three chapters
Source: Author
Review: It begins in a cave, with what is obviously the villain of the series speaking to her pet snake about a wand that she wants to get hold of. This actually reminded me a lot of Harry Potter,  whether this is good or bad is up to you. The scene then changes to a town, with a group of girls, one of which then harrasses a stranger, called Villiam, until he goes home with her. He agrees, but says he can't stay long, saying that it's dangerous. The three chapters I read ends there.
In that short amount of time, we get a clear view of the characters and personality, and the situation, because of the amount of detail in the writing. Cresenda is a girl full of sass, who seems to be a strong heroine. Villiam is an okish character, not really my kind of man, but an interesting character with a bit of mystery surrounding him.
The writing style is very descriptive, in third person like most fantasy books, which does a great job of world building. However like you get with very detailed prose, sometimes it slows the story down a bit. From the dialogue you get a good sense of the characters, all of which seem real people, with full personalities, even the ones who I think will turn out to be fairly minor in the grand scheme of the book.
On a side note, Cresenda's introduction stated her clearly as a human. There's a talking lizard. I wonder what other fantasy creatures will turn up...
Overall: Strength 3 tea to this opening of what could be a very very good fantasy book once done.

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