Thursday 1 September 2011

Blog tour- Skyship Academy:The Pearl Wars and 10 Things You Didn’t Know About SKYSHIP ACADEMY.

Opening the blog tour for the first book in the Skyship Academy series, The Pearl Wars, by Nick James. It’s a book I’m really excited about, and I hope that throughout the tour, you'll get just as excited too.  So to start with, here’s  10 Things You Didn’t Know About SKYSHIP ACADEMY.

1. In the world of SKYSHIP, the most prized items are Pearls--a mysterious, celestial energy source. Just one can power an entire city for months. 

2. Nobody outside the Academy knows its secrets. In fact, outsiders know it as the Horizon College of Liberal Arts, but the students onboard don’t actually study liberal arts. In reality, they’re training to hunt Pearls. 

3. The book is told from two very different perspectives Jesse Fisher is sarcastic, self-effacing, and driven by emotion. Meanwhile, Cassius Stevenson is serious, assured and logical to a fault. 

4. In the year 2073, what has com to be known as the Scarlet Bombings decimated the cities of New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and Miami.  The resulting chemicals transformed most of the country into the desert wasteland known as the Fringes. The terrorists responsible for this attack were never formally identified. 

5. Most of the conflict in the book stems from the three factions that exist in this ruined America: The Skyship Community, The Unified Party, and the Fringes. (More on these later in the tour!)

6. The head of the Unified Party’s Department of Energy Acquisition, the mysterious woman known only as Madame, is ruthless in her search for Pearls. So ruthless that she’d kill to get them.

7. The larger Skyships, apart from the Academies, storage facilities and agri-ships, are named after stars.  Some of the more well-known ships are: Skyship Polaris, Skyship Atlas and Skyship Rigel. 
8. The initial idea for the Fringes—a desert like environment in the book—came from the dry climate of Central/Eastern Washington, where the author, Nick James, lived at the time the book was written. Central Washington features prominently in parts of the story as well. 

9.  When a Pearl is plummeting to Earth it packs quite a punch. Stand in its way and you’re asking for a quick death. They can only be transported once they’ve made impact with the ground, though some have known to crash right into cities and Skyships.

10. SKYSHIP ACADEMY: THE PEARL WARS is the first book of a series. The second installment will be released next year!


Sounds great, doesn’t it?
And for the next stop on the tour, it’s over to Laura’s Review Bookshelf. You see number eight? About the Fringes? Those are where the rebels live. The places not explored, and maybe not that safe. Go visit  Laura for a lot more about the Fringes, and the world of Skyship.

And throughout the entire blog tour, over nine days and fifteen blogs, there’s eight clues. You’ll need to go to every single stop in order to find the clues. They’re spread out randomly. These will be numbers to spell out a secret co-ordinate. You’ll need that co-ordinate for the last stop on the tour, where for all your hard work, you’ll have a chance to win a supplemented copy of The Pearl Wars with an exclusive note from the author.

Came here late? There's a list of blogs participating in the  banner in the sidebar. Can't wait to get hold of Skyship Academy:The Pearl Wars?  Buy from , and The Book Depository. Don't forget to add it to your Goodreads shelves too!

So that's everything for the tour here. But there's 14 other blogs to off you go! 

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