Sunday 25 September 2011

Book Review: Flame of Surrender by Rhiannon Paille

Title: Flame of Surrender
Author: Rhiannon Paille
Publisher: I don’t know sorry… : ( ((Edit: It's Coscom Entertainment))
Published: Not released yet (should be released 1 November)
Source: Sent by author
Warnings: Suggestive situation and profanity in the acknowledgements
Note: This book will is the first in The Ferryman and the Flame series. The next book is called Flame of Justice
Summary (from the .pdf we were sent. I don’t think it will turn up on the actual book): Krishani, the boy who follows death meets Kaliel, the girl who could cause the apocalypse. When the ferryman dies and the Valtanyana begin hunting the flames they have to choose, hide, face the enemy, or awaken.
Review: Krishani and Kaliel both want to escape the strict rules of society in Avristar. One fateful day they meet in a forbidden cave behind a waterfall and love strikes its deadly arrows in their hearts. A haunting prophecy from the Great Oak (the sacred tree that predicts what kind of life each person will lead) turns her world upside-down as she is sent to the city of Orlondir. Destiny once again twists her path as she is reunited with Krishani. Reptitive and hallowing

The Flame of Surrender is amazingly original and refreshing. Somehow, without going into a lot of detail, Rhiannon Paille has made Avristar vivid and colourful. I’ve no idea how she’s done this. Sadly it also means that sometimes you can’t understand everything that goes on. I don’t really understand how the land gives out love and I have a vague idea of what marring the land means. Also the years that got skipped out happened so quickly that I couldn’t really sense the time passing. dreams reveal to both of them that they are not like other people. Kaliel is a flame, a dangerous being that could cause the end of Avristar, sought after by the notorious Valtanyana, and Krishani is a Ferryman. Their love will destroy Avristar. Will they surrender to their fate and bring peace, or will they give into temptation and send the world into ruin?
The romance, in my opinion, was very well written: I could really feel how passionate those two were (I say this with no background on romance and without ever having being in a
relationship). I hope that later in the series that there will be a short one-sided love from Kuruny to Krishani because I think it would make the book more interesting. I like it when romances are tragically crushed in the name of the protagonist.
The characters have really been fleshed out well, Kaliel is a great character. I can understand Kaliel’s feelings about no one understanding her. Krishani is a bit (don’t take it the wrong way) strange in the way that does everything. He seems to think about only one thing, and doesn’t always think about the complications that doing this will cause or what he will do after that. I’m sure there are people out there who think like that, or that that stress just got to him, but it was quite peculiar. Pux is so sweet it’s a shame that he’s supposed to be really ugly. I love how casually he makes the sky turn pink. The tree would be really annoying if it wasn’t just a tree. It’s stuck up and self-righteous. But as it is tree I can’t really get angry at it. I kind of forgot the elders after a while because there was so many of them and there other minor characters as well. The creepy, all knowing people are awesome.

Rating: 5 Brilliant characters, plot and vast world which would be interesting to explore.

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