Thursday 1 December 2011

I'm Back!! And a lot of things have happened...

So I had my week long hiatus. In which I crossposted I think 5 reviews, read almost everything Google Reader told me that I needed to, replied to two emails that I needed to, organised next week, read two books, reviewed none, found five handwritten reviews that need typing,  and FINISHED NANO.
Yes, two hours each night was spent writing. And yesterday I was rewarded by the counter on NaNo telling me that I had gone 10 words over the 50,000 words that I was planning. And I was very happy and I texted my friends and family thanking them for the support, advice and for allowing me to kill them off in somewhat inventive ways. And then I went and ate pasta.
I am still not quite near the end of the plot, I really want to rearrange the structure of everything, and don't get me started on the grammar and spelling errors I have in this thing. But I made it!
As for December, we have a bit to look forwards to. I'll be getting somewhere back on schedule over the next few days, and then next week (5th December onwards), Caroline and I are having our Japanese Young Adult Novel week. Sorry if you were expecting it to be slightly earlier on in the month, but I was busy writing and Caroline gave me the choice of pushing back the week or using physical violence to get her to read. And seeing as the second is impossible, illegal and not very nice, we pushed it back. So you have that to look forwards to.
Then we'll have Christmas and then it'll be 2012... December will be a busy month. Oh yes.

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