Friday 2 August 2013

Blog Tour-Cruel Summer by James Dawson-Character Quiz #murderonthebeach

I'm back! Got lots of things read and written. Also lost  a book. Will elaborate more later.

Today, we have a bit of fun: as part of the blog tour for James Dawson's Cruel Summer, and the join celebrations of Cruel Summer and Kate Harrison's So

ul Storm, we have a "what character are you" quiz! #murderonthebeach

Which Cruel Summer Character are you?

In the crisp aisle at the supermarket, which of the following would you pick?
a. Monster Munch
b. Walker’s Sensations
c. Ready Salted
d. You wouldn’t eat crisps because they’re junk
e. Something spicy

Which of the following is your favourite beach read?
a. A cult classic from Vonnegut.
b. If you’re honest, Heat Magazine.
c. The classics are classic for a reason: Wuthering Heights or something by Angela Carter.
d. In a world with DVDs why would you need books?
e. Fifty Shades of Grey

Which item couldn’t you live without?
a. Your camera for Instagram
b. Your phone for gossip
c. A good book
d. The gym
e. Your shoe collection

In a partner you primarily look for..?
a. A good laugh
b. Someone to fix
c. A soulmate
d. Someone unbelievably hot
e. You don’t need anyone else full-stop

Which of the following would be your ideal career?
a. Photographer or artist
b. Actor or singer
c. Writer or librarian
d. Footballer or coach
e. In an ideal world, you wouldn’t work at all!

Your ideal holiday would be…
a. Somewhere beautiful – Cambodia or New Zealand.
b. Somewhere fabulous – Paris or New York.
c. Somewhere quiet – A country break to Devon.
d. Somewhere fun – surfing off Mexico or mountain biking in Hawaii.
e. Somewhere flawless – A Caribbean beach.

What gets played the most on your iPod?
a. Frank Ocean
b. Rihanna
c. Mumford & Sons
d. David Guetta
e. 30 Seconds To Mars

Mostly As – You are Alisha Cole! Arty Alisha is studying to be a photographer. Like Alisha, you’re here for a good time but that’s not to say you’r
e shallow – there’s more to you than meets the eye. You like things to be unique and individual, just like you.

Mostly Bs – You are Ryan Hayward! Like Ryan, you like the finer things in life and there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re a fiercely loyal friend and can be brutally honest, but in a good way. You’re happiest when the spotlight’s on you.

Mostly Cs – You are Katie Grant! Anything for a quiet life, eh? Like Katie you hate conflict and tension and will always strive to avoid arguments. You’re a natural peacemaker and your friends look to you to for advice.

Mostly Ds – You are Greg Cole! Like pro footballer Greg, you are ambitious, determined and driven. You know what you want and are prepared to work as hard as it takes to get there. You are a protective friend, always ready to defend those you care for.

Mostly Es – You are Roxanne Dent. Fun, feisty and flirtatious, Roxanne is the life and soul of the party. Like her, you are fiercely independent and love to travel. You can be direct, but everyone always knows where they stand with you.

Apparently, I'm Katie! Not sure what to make of this, since I haven't read Cruel Summer yet. I'll let you know! What did you guys get?

The rest of this tour can be followed by going to all the stops as they come. You can find James at his website, twitter, and tumblr. You can find Cruel Summer on Amazon and Goodreads. You can follow the tour with the tag #murderonthebeach.

Final note- read Cruel Summer and find out Who Killed Janey Bradshaw.

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