Monday 26 August 2013

Book Review-Dawn of Darkness by Daniel A Kaine

Title: Dawn of Darkness
 Author: Daniel A. Kaine
Series:  Daeva #1
Published:  October 20th 2011 by Smashwords
Length:290 pages
Warnings: drunk sex, dubious content, attempted rape, sex scenes, violence
Source: bought
Summary : Unburdened by the pain of loss and heartbreak, Mikhail is content with his life of solitude. But everything began to change the day he realised he has a psychic ability — the power to alter the emotions of those around him.
Ushered into the Military Academy with others like him — other Daevas — Mikhail does his part to help tip the scales of war against the vampires that destroyed the world and plague what remains of humanity. But after going up against his first vampire, Mikhail starts to question everything he thought to be true.
To discover the truth and expose the lies he once believed, Mikhail will set out on a journey of discovery, and learn some things about himself in the process.
Review: Many years ago: vampires come out of hiding. Some people like them, some don’t. Few years later: plague comes, as those who don’t like vampires said it would come. People stop liking vampires. Also, many people die (see plague). Setting of story: Mikhail is a Daeva, a supernaturally enhanced human. In service at the Military Acadamny, he and his squadron keep the city safe from vampires. Until one day when things happen and he ends up in a group of resistance fighters, learning new things about his powers, the government, and himself,
Mikhael, also known as Mik, starts off as someone with attachment issues. He then (after drunk sex) falls in love with Ash, opening up. I both liked and disliked Mik. He’s driven throughout the novel, and I liked watching him experiment with his powers. what I didn’t like about him was the fact that he was annoying at times and went on and on about Ash at times.
My favourite character was either Daniel, the werewolf, or Violet, the vampire. Daniel would be an awesome friend and Violet was quite memorable. Russel was a creepy antagonist. The squadron I didn’t really care for. Marcus is a very intriguing character.
The world is different. I like the backstory and the closed offness of the city,  and I liked the travelling between France and London, which is randomly renamed Aldar and strangely un-post-apocalyptic for reasons unknown.
The plot and the romance are ok, the friendships were better, the twists were good, the final one was great. The first almost half is romance and action, the rest is more action. the vampires are totally unsparkly, as shown by the very gory results of their actions.

Overall:  Strength 3.5, very slightly more a 3, to a fantasy post-apocalyptic novel with many good and bad points/

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