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Giveaway-Dragon Boy and the Witches of Galza by A.A. Bukhatir

Hi guys, I'm sorry, this week's hiatus was really unexpected. My computer completely died and I had to have it wiped, so the post from Lou Morgan, who, over the course of two days, became my one ofhave you filled in the discussion form yet? Answers don't need to be long, you don't need to have read millions of LGBT YA books, but a few more opinions would be nice) Normal service should resume soon!
my favourites, got lost and I can't find the email either.  I do have lots of posts written, but they're all for Rainbow Reads, which starts in a week and a bit. (PS-

In apology, here's a giveaway!

DRAGON BOY AND THE WITCHES OF GALZA- A. A.Bukhatir’s Debut Novel Depicts A Fantasty World Where
Love And Courage Are The Key To Salvation

In a tiny village nestled between a haunted forest and a magic mountain, lives an old woodcutter named Aijou.  Shunned by the other villagers, he mourns the death of his cherished wife and spends his lonely days going about his work in nearly total isolation.  He never dreams that in a flash his life will change completely, and that his courage and strength will be profoundly tested in A.A. Bukhatir’s debut novel, DRAGON BOY AND THE WITCHES OF GALZA.

It all begins innocently enough when Aijou loses his way in the enchanted forest.  Desperately seeking the path back home, he suddenly encounters two tiny fairies engaged in battle with fire-breathing she-dragon.  Against all odds, the fairies prevail and with its last breath, the dying dragon assumes her human form.  She begs Aijou to adopt her baby boy.  Aijou agrees not knowing that the infant is actually a dragon.  From that moment on, Aijou’s life will never be the same.  Filled with determination, he tries to escape the haunted forest.

First he must be brave enough to jump through the portal that leads to Fairyland, so that he can find the Fairy Queen and ask for her help.  In return for her guidance, the Queen tells Aijou that he must promise to allow his new-found son to spend one month a year among the fairies.  It is her hope that when the boy turns fourteen – and can assume his dragon form – he will protect the fairies from the villianous dragons who want to destroy them.

The next part of his journey is even more difficult.  In order to leave the forest, Aijou must obtain permission from the evil Witches of Galza.  With two fairy guides, Aijou and the dragon baby set off to find the wicked sisters.  When Aijou finally meets them, the Witches offer him a terrible bargain and Aijou must decide whether he will accept.

DRAGON BOY AND THE WITCHES OF GALZA is the first book in a planned series that focuses on a boy, raised among humans, who has no idea that he is actually a dragon.  As the story unfolds, Dragon Boy must come to terms with his own identity and learn the truth about his heritage and where he comes from.  A.A. Bukhatir has created a special world filled with unforgettable characters, situations, and settings that will enthrall readers from the very first page.  DRAGON BOY AND THE WITCHES OF GALZA is destined to become a classic fantasy adventure series for people of all ages.

A.A. Bukhatir was born in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.  He studied music as a child, began to sing professionally at the age of twenty, and has since released eight albums.  In addition to his singing career, Bukhatir is a successful businessman who is currently the founder of a mobile game development company.  Heavily influenced by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books, he began focusing his creative efforts on writing novels.  DRAGON BOY AND THE WITCHES OF GALZA is the first in a planned series.  Visit

For more information or to buy Dragon Boy, here's some links.

Barnes and Noble-


And to enter the giveaway, all you have to do is comment with your email, and your opinion: Fairies or dragons-which is better?

Giveaway is of either an ebook, in any major format, or a signed physical copy (US,UK and Canada only). Open till the end of Rainbow Reads, whenever that is.


  1. Dragons

    ~ they embody 'fantasy' by having that connection to myths & legends (i.e. Merlin & George and dragon). They are present to add that touch of danger, as well as have an 'archaic' feel about them.

    My choice is Dragons.

    Email: lfountain1(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

    Thank you x

  2. Fairies! I love reading about them in YA books! They are simply magical!

    verusbognar (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Fairies! They are much more magical.
    blackcapballistcs AT gmail DOT com


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